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Kooljet Refrigeration, ThermoPlus Air and Direct Coil
Kooljet Refrigeration
KOOLJET is the foremost manufacturer of cooling systems for agriculture and frozen foods. They are the authority for the proper methods to assure a long shelf life of vegetables, fruits, herbs and other time-sensitive commodities.

They do this with process and industrial refrigeration and custom medical and process chillers where balanced temperature, humidity, air-exchange, and CO2/O2 balance are all critical technologies.
Kooljet systems are easy to install with through the wall and through the roof models, tunnel-coolers, hydro-coolers, fluid coolers and more:

  • For temperatures between 55F and MINUS 75F!
  • Air and water-cooled designs
  • Packaged and split refrigeration systems
  • Portable, central and modular systems
  • Fluid cooling, High Pressure and CO2 systems
  • and more
ThermoPlus Air's unique product lines offer heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtration and energy recovery solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Air-and-Water Cooled Self-Contained Units
  • Packaged Dehumidification Units

Direct Coil is an advanced manufacturer of stock and custom-designed Round Tube Plate Fin Heat Exchangers (Coils). Their Fluid Coolers and Air Cooled Condenser Products lines are UL certified and are perfect for outdoor heat rejection applications.

Their wide range of tube sizes, fin spacing, and coil connection orientations allow for a drop-in coil fit. 100% are pressure tested for leaks to ensure quality products.

The Readers Corner
Kooljet Refrigeration Systems
Kooljet is the expert in Agricultural and Food Processing Refrigeration, easy to install, easy to maintain, Freecooling and Dual Kool Technolgies included.
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