The City of Rancho Cordova had a productive City Council meeting on August 3, 2015 regarding Community Enhancement Fund (Measure H) applications and expenditures. The City Council approved the projects and programs to be funded for Fiscal Year 2015/2016. Click here for a full list. If you'd like to watch the video of the August 3 meeting, click here and the Community Enhancement Fund discussion is item 15.1.
Congratulations to the schools, nonprofits, organizations, and neighborhoods that received funding!  Fresh things are happening in Rancho Cordova.
In response to the Community Enhancement Fund responsibilities, the City is proud to introduce our new Community Enhancement Analyst Stacy Delaney. Stacy has been a City employee for seven years, so you may have worked with her in her previous position as an Administrative Assistant in the City Manager's Office. Please help us congratulate Stacy on her new role at City Hall!
If you received funding for a project or program, Stacy will contact you directly about the next steps over the following weeks. She can be reached at sdelaney@cityofranchocordova.org or (916) 851-8878.
There will be another opportunity for funding during the coming fiscal year. The City encourages you to keep brainstorming the next big idea for Rancho Cordova!
We always love hearing from our residents! Let us know how you're  getting a FRESH TAKE on Rancho Cordova today!