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Asaju Arrives
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Welcome to our latest newsletter. The long wait is over. Our 2015 harvest of our fresh, gourmet Asian Pears has begun! Order now, shipping starts September 8th.

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   August 2015

Better than 'wabbit' season. 

harvest this pear
It's Pear Season! Picking of our sweet and crisp Asian Pears is now underway. Visit our online store daily to see what varieties of our wonderful Asian Pears are available for mouthwatering enjoyment. We ship our pears direct from our farm to your office, home or school. So fresh!

If you select our regular nine or five pound gift box or our Teambuilder gift box, you'll get a sneak peek at some of our early season pear varieties that do not yet have names.  "A-7" one of these new varieties, reminds us of a miniature ball of honeydew melon. It packs a wallop of sweetness and is wildly juicy!

We'll pack 'pick of the day' when you order online. What a terrific way to discover a new pear and help kick off the Fall harvest season with us.

Shop now and receive free, ultimate shipping by using promo code: favoritepear.  This promo code is valid now though end of September and is good for any pear or gift box that you order from Subarashii. We'll ship anywhere for you for free! Shipping begins week of September 8th. Happy Harvest!

Asaju Arrives. 

Asaju slice
The early picking of Asaju has begun as well.  Asaju is our sumptuous and supple yellow pear that we fastidiously grow in wax-lined bags. Shop now to be the first to get this very special pear. We proudly call it our "estate grown" fruit.

Because of how we grow this pear in bags: thin, delicate skin. There is no need to peel this variety, all the minerals and vitamins are right there to be enjoyed.

Try this pear freshly sliced, atop a salad, or paired with your favorite cheese. Our orchard favorite with this pear: we hungrily wrap each slice in proscuito! Manifico! Superb!

Fill up your fridge. 

Your fridge looking bare? Fill it up with our Asian Pears! Order online by visiting the "purchase" page on our site. To order our Asian Pears you can also phone us: 610 282 7588 or email us.

Can't decide which variety of pear to order? 
Visit us at any of our fresh pear sampling events this Fall to check out the latest pick from our wonderful trees.

Or email us to reserve our very special sampler box of fresh gourmet Asian Pears: Exclusive Variety Collection which will be available in mid-to-late Octobe
r. This gift box contains nine different varieties of our wonderful Asian Pears.  And remember, keep your pears refrigerated for enjoyment anytime; they will keep fresh for nearly two months in your fridge.
  Row of pears to pick      

Fresh Asian Pear, Walnut & Bleu Cheese Spread


We clipped this recipe back in June from Rodale Publishing's website, Prevention. We could not wait to try this recipe ourselves; now that we have fresh pears in hand....this will be perfect to serve at patio gatherings.

Enjoy this fresh, late summer snack in good health! Click here to link to this recipe.





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