September 2021

NWF Membership Offers Commercial Test Incentive
The National Wildlife Federation is one of America's oldest and largest conservation organizations, comprised of members from all walks of life who care deeply about protecting our environment and the creatures in it.
While NWF Membership is an obvious choice for non-profit mailers, this responsive audience is also perfect for commercial mailers.
From October through December, National Wildlife Federation Membership is offering commercial mailers a pricing incentive for new tests: $85/M all-inclusive with $75/F delivery.
This is a fantastic opportunity to try a list that has proven successful for an array of commercial mailers, and should be attractive to magazines, newsletters, newspapers, regional mailers, catalogs, insurance, solo offers, and more.

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Recently Updated!
Donorosity is a blind database initially created for small-to-medium mailers that might not be able to use an individual list due to lack of volume or selectability. As Donorosity has grown, the depth and breadth of this powerful collection of responsive names makes it attractive to all mailers.

The key ingredient is a focus in which all of the database participants are non-profit donors, members and subscribers. However, since the file has grown in volume, the usage has expanded into the consumer marketplace.

The file has been enhanced with hundreds of lifestyle and demographic elements which has proven invaluable to non-profit and consumer mailers alike.

Commercial Mailer Continuations include Guideposts, People Magazine, Vogue Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, and Arizona Highways.

Some of the key selects for consumer advertisers include: Reader interest by category, Religious/ Inspirational/ Devotional, Pets, Sweepstakes interest, State/SCF/Zip and more. Since the file updates quarterly, new names are always being added and recency is selectable.

More Fresh Fall Updates
Since its inception in 1975, Dover Saddlery is a preeminent catalog/retailer specializing in equestrian products for the serious English rider.  This upscale buyer knows they will find all of the highest quality tack and apparel items (Avg Unit of Sale $180). The file was recently updated in September and names are through August.

Belvoir Corporate Database, AMVETS Enhanced, and Publishers Network all updated this month, featuring the following selects:
  • Donors who are Pet Owners - Dog Owners, Cat Owners
  • Donors by Religious Affiliation - Catholic, Jewish
  • Donors who are Veterans
  • Donors by Political Affiliation - Republican, Democratic
  • Donors by Age
  • Donors who Donate to other Charitable Organizations
  • ...and so much more!

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Shipping Slow-Downs Could Spoil the Season
Shipping and supply chain headaches could leave shelves empty this holiday season. Backlogs in materials such as plastics and computer chips combined with pandemic-related factory shut-downs are creating delays and shortages of coveted holiday retail items like toys. Items that do manage to get past production problems will face shipping container shortages and clogged ports, making it unlikely that they will reach American shores in time for holiday gift giving, or if they do, they will come at a hefty price. Retailers' advice? Shop early!
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Spotting Cancer Misinformation on Social Media
"Fake News" on social media is not limited to current events. There is an abundance of misinformation regarding cancer and nutrition circulating, and could result in deadly consequences. American Institute for Cancer Research reports that a recent study by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that one in three articles on social media regarding cancer treatment contained potentially harmful false or misleading information. Read AICR's full article on how to spot the "fake" and factual here.
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ALA Launches Vape-Free
Schools Initiative
The number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes soared to 5.4 million in 2019, prompting American Lung Association to launch the Vape-Free Schools Initiative. The program is designed to help provide tools and support for schools and students to navigate this growing public health crisis. Participating schools are provided with a toolkit of resources for students, parents and communities affected by e-cigarettes, offering clear guidance, education and cessation assistance. Read full article here.
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