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We know you are busy preparing for the happiest and busiest time of the year. To help make your holidays smoother we have a bunch of special offerings. In need of a last minute gift? Pick up one of our gift packs. Hosting a house full of people? Let us take care of dessert with cheesecake, cookies, and pies all made with local ingredients. Need a showstopping main dish for dinner? See the offerings from Ohio City Provisions .

All our holiday items can be pre-ordered here for delivery next week. Simply, choose the location that works best for you and place your order. For gift cards or to change your pick up location, email info@freshforkmarket.com

Lastly, please share your holiday food cheers with us @freshforkmarket

Enjoy the holidays!
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Cookie Box
There are certainly perks to this job. Getting to pick the top 4 cookies during our holiday tasting was one of them!

Chef Ashley was up to the challenge again this holiday to blend traditional holiday cookies with fun designs. And while we know a cookie will never be a true health food, we are certainly campaigning for its acceptance. All cookies are made with organic raw sugar, whole wheat flours, local butter and cream, farm fresh eggs, and natural food colorings, such as beet or spinach extracts (red and green).

Here is this year's assortment:

Gingerbread with Sorghum Buttercream - Soft gingerbread cookies made with local sorghum.

Spelt Spritz with Dark Chocolate - Buttery cookies dipped in melted dark chocolate from Forbes Chocolates in Cleveland.

Classic Sugar Cookies - Decorated Santa, trees, snowflakes, or candy canes.
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cranberry - Soft, chewy, and bursting with organic cranberries and dark chocolate.

Available in batches of 12 (three of each flavor) or 24 (six of each flavor)
One dozen: $18 Two dozen: $35
More Sweet & Savory Treats!
Chocolate Meringue and Mexican Chocolate Meringue Pie

These pies were developed as a more sophisticated version of chocolate pudding pie for Trevor and Allyson's wedding. The rich, dark chocolate center is complemented by airy Italian meringue. The Mexican Chocolate version is spiked with hot pepper flakes for a subtle heat.

Large (9"): $18

Cheesecake Trio

Made from scratch, including the house made cream cheese. Starting with the A2 Guernsey Milk, Chef Ashley crafts a cream cheese. She then blends in our farm eggs, organic sugar, and fruit we preserved this summer. The result - a cheesecake as it should be with the slight acidic tang of homemade cream cheese, the sweet and malty notes of raw sugar, the unadulterated goodness of ripe fruit, and the crunch of the chocolate chip cookie crust. Three 4" cheesecakes come in vanilla, strawberry swirl, and eggnog.

Not going to enjoy it until Christmas or New Years? Or just want to share? Freeze immediately then thaw 1 day before serving.

Trio: $30
Guernsey Eggnog

Made from Wholesome Valley Farm pasture raised eggs, emulsified with Guernsey Cream, Guernsey Whole Milk, and traditional eggnog spices. Most eggnog on the market contains many questionable ingredients to keep the product from separating. Because our eggnog doesn't include these ingredients, you may see separation in the product. Just give the jar a shake before pouring into your glass and enjoying!

Quart: $9
Cheese and Cracker Bundles

A Fancy Spread
-Old Forge Farmhouse
-Marchant Manor Elmstead Ash
-Mackenzie Creamery Cognac Fig Chevre

A Family Friendly Spread (shown)
-Sharp Cheddar
-Marble Cheese
-Smoked Cheddar

Each includes a 8 oz bag of our Rosemary Pepper crackers.

Gift Packs
Each gift pack is bundled ready to gift. Jars will be arranged on a homemade "tree cookie," wrapped in clear cellophane, and closed with a bow and gift tag.

These preserves have been crafted by Chef Derek at Wholesome Valley to reflect traditional canning practices but with a Chef's touch. Most of our fruit jams are not "set" with a pectin. Why? We've struggled to find a pectin that isn't blended with dextrose, which add a unique, syrupy sweetness that once you learn to identify it, you can find it.

My all time favorite? The peach jam. Why? It tastes like peach, not just sugar. Derek starts with vine ripe peaches from Eshleman Fruit Farm. The peaches are peeled and the flesh brought to a simmer. The flesh is then strained off of the juice and the juice is reduced down to concentrate the flavor. The flesh and the juice are then blended back together for a nice orange color balanced with sweetness and peach.

On the exotic side, Derek developed a Manhattan Cherry Preserve for a farm wedding this summer. My ears perked up when he came to me and chuckled, "I need bourbon for taste testing." The keys are in my truck. Let's go.

Derek worked hard on this one to bring out the herbal and bitter notes, balanced with the sweetness, that is signature of the Manhattan cocktail. Goes great with cheese and charcuterie; surprisingly equally as good in the morning on an English muffin.
Jam Flight Gift Pack (left): 8 oz jars of Blueberry, Plum, Strawberry, Peach, Manhattan Cherry, and Grape Jam.

Summer Lovin' Berry Jam Gift Pack: 8 oz jars of Strawberry, Blueberry, and Peach Jam.
Pickle Lover Gift Pack: Dill Pickles, Jalapeno Dill Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles, Pickle Spears, and Sweet Pickle Relish. One of each.

Turn up the Heat Gift Pack (right): Extra Spicy Dill Pickles, Hot Salsa, Pickled Peppers, Candied Jalapenos, Pepper Butter. One of Each.

Pickled Vegetable Medley Gift Pack (left): Pickled Beets 32oz, Hot Pickled Peppers 16oz, Pickled Ramps 8oz.

Salsa Gift Pack: Medium Salsa, Hot Salsa, Salsa Verde. 16 oz jars of each.

Family Friendly Gift Pack: Applesauce, Grape Cider, Canned Peaches and Grape Jelly.
Pickle Lover Gift Pack
Ohio City Provisions has everything you need for a holiday feast. With beef, pork, lamb and poultry offerings to make a holiday meal to remember as well as charcuterie boards, and unique gift ideas. Click here for a detailed list on all their offerings.

Call (216) 465-2762 with any questions.