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At its core, the  Mediterranean diet  is all about fresh, simple, uncomplicated cooking. That's been the tradition throughout history, but it's especially useful today in our fast-paced lives.

Here are a few techniques and ingredients that will get a healthy and delicious Mediterranean meal on your table in 30 minutes or less.
30-Minute Mediterranean Meals
Learn techniques, kitchen shortcuts, and easy Mediterranean recipes to help you put dinner together in under 30 minutes.
Take your healthy grain bowl to the next level with Mediterranean-flavored salmon and a creamy, Greek yogurt-based tzatziki sauce.

The largest of the white bean family, gigandes beans are a knockout ingredient. They are delightfully plump, have a mild flavor, and a wonderful creamy texture. Here, with bright lemon and hearty tuna, they make for a perfect, speedy meal.

Recipe and photo courtesy FOODMatch .
This is a quick and easy dish that gives classic fried fish a Mediterranean makeover with a crunchy walnut coating. It's also a delicious way to enjoy good fats like omega-3s.

Recipe and photo courtesy California Walnuts .
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