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Instead of falling back on your usual breakfast scramble, think of eggs like they do in the Mediterranean—as a blank canvas for a flavorful dinner.

Learn to use eggs as a vehicle for healthy ingredients like seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs, yogurt, and olive oil.

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Spiced yogurt. Sizzling tomato sauce. Fiery harissa chili paste. Here's how to prepare eggs, the Mediterranean way.
If you enjoy spinach artichoke dip, you’ll love this Italian-inspired dish featuring kale, artichoke hearts, potatoes, and Asiago cheese.

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Add a chopped, hardboiled egg to this Niçoise salad, as they do in the south of France where this recipe originated. With tuna, potatoes, and plenty of vegetables, this makes for a hearty and healthy lunch or dinner.

An Oldways recipe and photo
This recipe works equally well for dinner or for a weekend breakfast or brunch. If you cook the eggs over-easy the runny yolks make a delicious “sauce” for the hash.

An Oldways recipe; Unsplash photo by Deryn Macy
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