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Fish and seafood play a starring role in the Mediterranean Diet. Seafood is flavorful and delicious. It's also brain food! Studies show that the high levels of Omega-3s in fatty fish promote brain and heart health when consumed at least twice a week. 

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Savoring Seafood
There are so many ways to enjoy seafood on the Mediterranean Diet. Serve it with pasta, a side of fresh grilled veggies, or as a savory salad topper. It also makes a great main dish, baked with your favorite seasonings, a splash of lemon juice, and olive oil.
This creamy dish feels like a comfort food but remains light and nutritious with juicy shrimp, sweet sun-dried tomatoes and fresh zucchini as the main components.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Mooney Farms
These mussels are simple to prepare, yet bursting with flavor. Serve with crispy whole grain bread and lemon wedges.

Recipe and photo courtesy National Fisheries Institute
Sheet pan dinners maximize taste and minimize mess. The combination of salmon, Eastern Mediterranean spices, and vegetables in this dish bake together to create a satisfying, perfectly seasoned meal.

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