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When temperatures drop, we crave foods that are warm, comforting and nourishing, and hearty whole grain soups fit the bill. Affordable and infinitely adaptable with the vegetables and flavors of your choice, soups made with whole grains are an excellent winter meal.

Whole grains have long played a large role in the Mediterranean diet. Grains can be stored for long periods of time, are readily available and economical, and, in their whole, unrefined form, provide superior sustenance. 
Hearty Grain Soups
Warm up with a hearty whole grain soup inspired by the Mediterranean. From barley to buckwheat to Khorasan wheat, there are plenty of delicious soup recipes to get you through the winter!
The spicy, sweet, and toasty flavors in this soup are inspired by North Africa, where spicy hot chiles and sweet chewy dates are sometimes joined on a plate.

Reprinted with permission from  Simply Ancient Grains  by Maria Speck, copyright (c) 2015. Published by Ten Speed Press , a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. Photography (c) 2015 by Erin Kunkel.
This clever soup uses the asparagus spears for full flavor and saves the pretty tips for a garnish. The lemon, spinach and asparagus announce “Spring is here!” regardless of the weather outside.

Recipe by Robin Kline, MS, RD for “ The Oldways Table
With beans, whole wheat pasta, and plenty of vegetables, this is a hearty and warming soup for a cold winter day. Use your favorite small pasta, and be sure to top with a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or Romano cheese.

An Oldways recipe.
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