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Flatbreads are the world's oldest breads, and have a long tradition in Mediterranean cuisine. You may be familiar with Italian pizza, but what about focaccia, lahmacun, and pide? Here's your guide!

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Mediterranean Flatbreads
From pizza to pita bread and beyond, there are so many delicious flatbreads to enjoy. Take a tour across the Mediterranean with us to learn a few of our favorites.
This flatbread has a delicious sweet-and-savory flavor combination and whole wheat crust.

Recipe and photo courtesy  FOODMatch
Pesto and shrimp lend delicious Mediterranean flavors to this unique naan bread pizza.

Recipe and photo courtesy the National Fisheries Institute .
Pita, commonly referred to in Arabic as  khubz , is easy to make at home with whole wheat flour.

Recipe courtesy King Arthur Flour . A stock photo.
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