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Summer is in full swing—and that means farmers markets are overflowing with peak-season fruit. Need fresh ideas? Learn how Mediterranean cooks use this seasonal bounty in both savory and sweet dishes.

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Mediterranean Fruit
Learn how to make the most of summer fruit, from your charcuterie board to your dessert plate.
Avocado adds a surprising level of creaminess to the cool, crisp taste of fresh citrus and melon. Orange and lemon zest provide an extra boost of flavor!

Recipe and photo courtesy California Avocado Commission
Olive oil in a green salad is a must, but have you ever had fruit with a drizzle of olive oil? Here’s a recipe to take your fruit salad to the next level.

Recipe and photo courtesy North American Olive Oil Association
A sweet-meets-savory flatbread! This is a delicious dessert or brunch option, too. Try other fresh fruits that you may have on hand, like blueberries or thinly sliced peaches.

An Oldways recipe and photo
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