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Grain bowls ​are nutritious, satisfying and beautiful—and ​they also have a rich history in the Mediterranean. Many grains trace their roots back to the Fertile Crescent, an area on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, including Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel.

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Mediterranean Grain Bowls
Mediterranean grain bowls are downright delicious, as they serve as the perfect vehicle for fresh herbs, seasonal vegetables, flavorful cheeses, and of course, a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
Prepping a big batch of these sweet potato walnut falafels ahead of time makes mealtime easy throughout the week. A maple tahini sauce keeps things interesting. Try switching up the grains and vegetables for versatility.

Recipe and photo courtesy of  Le Petit Chef, from California Walnut Commission
This recipe is simple yet satisfying! Bursting with fresh flavors and tasty textures, this salad won't disappoint. The vegetables complement each other nicely and pair well with the nuttiness of the farro.

Recipe and photo courtesy North American Olive Oil Association, from Ellie Krieger
There are no rules with this grain bowl recipe! Use your favorite intact grain (farro, quinoa, wheat berries, brown rice) and whichever pantry staples you like (red peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, beans). This delicious salad is meant to play around with!

An Oldways recipe and photo
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