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Throughout the world, grilled food is universally beloved, from the fanciest of restaurants to the street corner food stalls. Most cultures have some form of grilled food, such as grilled food on a stick. This week, we provide you with a guide to spice up your summer cookouts the Mediterranean way—with recipes included, of course!
Mediterranean Grilling
Fish, veggies, meat, and more. Learn about grilled dishes from across the Mediterranean, dating back centuries.
Grilled fish isn’t exclusive to the summer months! Enjoy the flavors year-round with a little help from a grill pan. This specific recipe calls for cod, but you can easily substitute mahi-mahi or tilapia if you prefer.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Dish on Fish .
Take your taste buds on a Greek vacation with these delicious chicken burgers stuffed in pita pockets and topped with veggies, creamy fresh avocados, and homemade tzatziki .

Recipe and photo courtesy of California Avocado Commission .
Shawarma is the ultimate on-the-go meal with thinly-sliced meat wrapped in pita bread with veggies and tahini sauce added.

Recipe and photo co urtesy of Al Wadi Al Akhdar .
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