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Throughout Mediterranean history, no-waste cooking has been a vital way of life—and it feels particularly relevant now, as we practice social distancing, limit our trips to the grocery store, and try to make the best from a limited selection of ingredients. Here are our tips for using everything you have, from root-to-leaf.

Happy cooking from the team at Oldways!
Root-to-Leaf Mediterranean Cooking
These ingenious tips and tricks from the Mediterranean will help you make the most of every ingredient. Beet greens, herb stems, and day-old bread can transform your meals.
Oldways President Sara Baer-Sinnott uses "everything green" in this bright, lemony salad. Adapt to use the herbs and leafy greens that are available in your own kitchen!

An Oldways recipe and photo, originally printed in Oldways High Five curriculum.
Wait! Don't throw away those peels and stems! The vegetables, herbs, and odds & ends in your refrigerator will make a delicious, rich stock. Make it now and use, or freeze for up to 4-6 months.

An Oldways recipe. Photo by W ebvilla on  Unsplash
The key ingredient to this ultra-rich tomato soup is bread, not cream! Repurpose bread that's past its prime to create a creamy, savory tomato soup that's best served chilled (perfect for warmer weather!).

An Oldways recipe adapted from Claudia Roden. A stock photo.
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