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A handful of ingredients and a glug of olive oil are all you need to make delicious Mediterranean fritters. A great way to use up leftover herbs, vegetables, cheeses, and meats, they are pan-fried or deep-fried in olive oil and served as snacks, desserts, or entrees.

From Greece to Siciliy to Egypt and beyond, fritters go by a number of names in the Mediterranean. Whether you call them latkes, croquettes, or keftedes, these delicious, sweet or savory bites should have a place on your plate, too!
Olive Oil-Fried Fritters
Savory or sweet, as a snack, entree, or finishing touch, Mediterranean fritters are a special treat all their own.
Use your favorite falafel recipe to make your own fritters for this bowl, or use store-bought as a shortcut. These healthy hummus bowls make an excellent vegetarian lunch.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Grecian Delight
A kufte is somewhere between a meatball and a meat patty. Prassa  are leeks, one of the  Simanim,  or symbolic, foods for Rosh Hashanah. When shopping for the ingredients, be sure to purchase fresh, crisp, bright green and white leeks.

Recipe and photo courtesy Linda Capeloto Sendowski .
Kibbeh are traditionally made with ground meat. This healthier, vegetarian recipe uses a chickpea and spinach filling and a delicious pumpkin and bulgur dough. Enjoy them as an appetizer or mezze plate, with yogurt sauce and pita.

Recipe and photo courtesy of  Al Wadi Al Akhdar.
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