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Put down the can of chicken soup! These Portuguese soups are cozy, flavorful, and filled to the brim with vegetables. Enjoy hearty bowls of caldo verde, sopa Alentejana, and more. They will keep you warm this winter until we jet off to Portugal in March for our culinary tour!

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Behold the simple beauty of  a pot of Portuguese soup . Toss in a handful of ordinary ingredients, let it simmer away, and the end result is a meal greater than the sum of its parts
Once You've Mastered the Soup Course, Try These Portuguese Recipes
“Bacalhau a Bras” is a classic Portuguese dish made with potatoes and salt cod, and garnished with olives and a generous sprinkling of parsley. This vegetarian version uses tofu instead of fish.

Recipe from Meatless Monday
This dish is as easy as sautéing onions and garlic, and layering ingredients in a dish! A Portuguese classic, serve it hot, chilled, or at room temperature, as a hearty main course, or as a side dish. .

Recipe and photo courtesy Tia Maria's Portuguese Diner
No one will guess how simple it is to make this elegant dessert. Make the pears in advance and store in the fridge. To serve, we recommend a dollop of Greek yogurt!

Recipe and photo courtesy Tia Maria's Portuguese Diner
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