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Before refrigeration, thrifty Mediterranean cooks canned and preserved food to extend its shelf life. Today, we can still stock our pantries with these affordable and long-lasting foods, including olives, dried peppers, jams and jellies, tinned fish and seafood, and more.

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Learn all about the sun-dried, fermented, pickled, and salt-cured delicacies of the Mediterranean Diet.
Make a pasta meal from pantry staples! Olives, anchovies, and toasted breadcrumbs complement creamy cauliflower in this dish.

Recipe from All About Dinner by Molly Stevens, copyright 2019. Published by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York, NY.
Shake up your usual pesto with this tomato version. It pairs well with peppery arugula and white beans. Use the leftover pesto for pasta, or as a dip for vegetables or crackers. .

An Oldways recipe and photo
Chef Ana Sortun serves this tapenade at her restaurant, Oleana, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lemon juice wakes up the briny flavors of olives, capers, and anchovies in this flavorful dip.

Recipe and photo by Ana Sortun for The Oldways Table
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