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The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes the pleasures of the table, and enjoying meals with others. Take a deep breath, de-stress, and enjoy a simple Mediterranean meal with your loved ones. The meals below are easy, nutritious, and delicious, so you can slow down and savor time with friends and family.

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Simply Mediterranean
The Mediterranean Diet is all about making simple but profound changes in the way you eat. Enjoy a meal with others to reduce stress, build relationships, and improve the quality of your food choices.
Composed of just 3 ingredients, this simple nutrient-filled meal is delicious, flavorful and full of texture. Each aspect of the dish shines through in its own way and yet come together cohesively on the plate for a tasty experience.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Egg Nutrition Center
A Mediterranean spin on a classic lasagna recipe. The bold flavors of red peppers and texture of the artichokes will surely stand out in this meatless meal. Plus, lasagna is a great family-style meal, meant for enjoying with others.

Recipe and photo courtesy of FoodMatch
Creamy, fresh and full of flavor. This dip is quick and simple but does not lack tastiness. Learn more recipes from Sanctuary Kitchen during our virtual cooking demo on November 18

Recipe and photo courtesy of Sanctuary Kitchen
Simplify Meal Times
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