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Before you know it, we'll be off to Crete, enjoying the local food and culture with award-winning chef Ana Sortun and local Greek cookbook author and cooking teacher Aglaia Kremezi. Today, we're giving you a preview with a tour of Cretan cuisine that just may entice you to join our latest Mediterranean culinaria.

The Cretan diet and lifestyle have been studied extensively and are linked with longevity and low rates of chronic disease, and this week's Fresh Fridays blog explores why that might be. Then, bring the taste of Crete to your own kitchen with this month's featured recipes, and sign up to travel to the island with us in October!

Spotlight on Crete
Crete’s cuisine is simple and rustic, extremely fresh, and largely dictated by locale, season, and what the land produces.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, and fresh herbs come together in this simple and fresh spin on the Greek salad.

Recipe and photo courtesy of American Pulse Association .
Look for bags of large white dried beans at any store that sells Mediterranean foods. Allow time to soak the beans for at least eight hours. Once they’re cooked, freeze some for a meal down the road.

An Oldways recipe and photo.
Baking in parchment is one of the best—and most forgiving—ways to cook fish. This recipe uses potatoes, tomatoes, and olives, but feel free to substitute with what you have on hand.

An Oldways recipe and iStock photo.
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