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Creamy risotto. A sparkling glass of Prosecco. Strands of whole wheat bigoli pasta with slow-cooked onions. Do you know which region of Italy is home to all these delicious foods and wines? Find out more in our latest post!

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Spotlight on the Veneto
You know Venice, but do you know the Veneto? Get acquainted with this delicious region of Italy. If it sounds tempting, pack your bags for a culinary tour with us this spring!
The chefs at Venice-inspired restaurant SRV in Boston shared this special recipe with us. With just three ingredients, delicious homemade pasta is easier than you think!

Recipe by Michael Lombardi and Kevin O’Donnell. Photo by Annie Copps.
Enjoy this Mediterranean whole grain in a fragrant broth with mint, thyme, and sweet paprika. It’s delicious with mushrooms and peas, but this recipe is adaptable with your favorite vegetables, too.

Recipe and photo courtesy The Mediterranean Dish
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