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The end of summer means the arrival of peak squash season, and that's worth celebrating. Seasonal vegetables are a hallmark of the Mediterranean Diet, so learn about all the delicious ways you can roast, grill, sauté, and bake this seasonal ingredient during the months ahead.

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Squashes of the Mediterranean
From zucchini and pattypan to acorn and butternut, there are so many delicious ways to enjoy squash as summer turns into fall. Here are a few of our favorites, inspired by the Mediterranean.
Acorn squash becomes soft and slightly caramelized when roasted in olive oil. Serve warm as a side dish to an autumn dinner, or chill the squash and serve slices of it on top of a green salad. Feel free to experiment with different spices, such as chili flakes or ground ginger.

Recipe courtesy the North American Olive Oil Association. An Unsplash photo by Kim Daniels
Balsamic vinegar and fresh mint leaves give grilled zucchini a bright, fresh flavor. This side dish is simple to prepare and quick to cook. We have a feeling you'll make it again and again. Save this recipe for your Labor Day cookout!

Recipe and photo courtesy of chef Art Smith
Pattypan squash grow in many sizes and vibrant colors. The flavor is mild, similar to zucchini, with a slightly firmer texture. Use pattypan or zucchini in this recipe, which makes an excellent side dish at summer barbecues and potlucks.

An Oldways recipe and photo
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