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A seafood dinner doesn't have to be pricey l ook no further than the hearty seafood stews of the Mediterranean. Using inexpensive or unwanted cuts of fish and kitchen leftovers, Mediterranean cooks have perfected the art of fragrant and flavorful stews.

Nearly every coastal Mediterranean region has its own iteration. Warm up with a bowl of bouillabaisse from the south of France, spicy chreime from Tunisia, or a classic Italian brodetto with tomatoes, olive oil, and wine. After you get acquainted with these dishes on our latest blog, whip up a seafood stew of your own with one of the recipes below!
Tasty Seafood Stews
A tradition of delicious seafood stews endures across the Mediterranean region, from Greece, to Croatia, to Tunisia and beyond!
This lightened-up chowder is very flavorful, thanks to sweet corn, scallions, and a dash of red pepper and turmeric. Enjoy this soup for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

Recipe and photo courtesy of the National Fisheries Institut e 's Dish on Fish
In this twist on the Greek dish  saganaki , made with shrimp instead of mussels, the shrimp’s sweetness balances the stew’s lemony broth, herbs, and salty feta cheese. 

Recipe and photo courtesy   Aglaia’s Table . Originally published in  The Foods of Greece  by Aglaia Kremezi (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 1993).  
This Greek recipe comes from Andoni’s Taverna in Rethymno, Greece. With fresh, impeccably cooked fish, this easy-to-prepare dish elevates a few great ingredients into a delicious soup.

R ecipe courtesy of Diana Farr Louis, author, Feasting and Fasting in Crete  (Kedros Publishers 2001) Oldways photo.
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