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Olive oil is basically synonymous with the Mediterranean Diet, but what about the fruit it's made from? There's a lot more to olives than just the green or black variety. Learn how they get to your table in this week's Med Diet blog, and then check out the recipes below to savor their texture and flavor.

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Your Guide to Mediterranean Olives
Olive trees are among the oldest cultivated trees in history, supporting Mediterranean civilizations for over 6,000 years. Take a deep dive into the world of this timeless stone fruit!
Give olives even more flavor by roasting them with antipasti, fresh herbs, and spicy red pepper flakes.

Recipe and photo courtesy of FOODMatch .
This simple lentil salad is loaded with Greek flavors and health benefits. It's very easy to make, and leftovers pack well for lunch!

Recipe and photo courtesy of American Pulse Association .
This dish isn't really a recipe, since the ingredients are added according to taste and sight. In other words, if it looks like a nice, balanced combination of all of the ingredients and tastes great, it’s ready! 

An Oldways recipe and photo.
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