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Spices are a simple way to elevate your weeknight meals. In this issue, get to know some common Mediterranean spices and blends. A sprinkle of herbes de Provence or a dash of za'atar will infuse your favorite recipes with bold new flavors.

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Your Guide to Mediterranean Spices
Ready to take your cooking to the next level? Build complex flavors (and reduce the need for salt) with these flavorful spices from the Mediterranean.
Ground anise seed wakes up the flavor in this whole wheat sponge cake, which is lightly sweetened with carob molasses instead of sugar. Sfouf cake is typically enjoyed during the month of Ramadan.

Recipe and photo courtesy Al Wadi Al Akhdar
The spices sumac and red pepper make this salad stand out! Serve this Turkish dish in the warmer months, when its bright flavors and fresh, crunchy textures will be best appreciated.

Recipe and photo courtesy Chef Ana Sortun
Serve this cumin and coriander- scented salad over a bed of spicy arugula to complement the bold flavors. It makes for a hearty side dish or an easy, portable lunch.

An Oldways recipe and photo 
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