Since 1965, the Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAP OC) has addressed the root causes of poverty and advocated for change through systemic reforms, social justice and racial equity. They are improving the lives of low-income families in Orange County by addressing immediate needs and empowering communities. Several years ago, CAP OC received a generous donation and were told to dream big with the funds.
Since food insecurity is an ongoing issue for low income families, CAP OC’s vision was a welcoming and friendly mobile food pantry so families could “shop” at the pantry. They wanted to remove the stigma of receiving free groceries for those they serve. With the donation, CAP OC purchased a 2005 workhorse trolley and completely customized it to look like a magical, colorful and happy mobile grocery store.
Clementine, the Mobile Pantry debuted in late 2019 and right away kids were drawn to it and families were able to receive fresh food, staples and nutritious frozen meals prepared by Bracken’s Kitchen two to three times a week at community centers and churches.
And then when the pandemic hit, CAP OC and Clementine had to change things up quickly.

Meet Javier. . .
Javier is one of the16 people we were able to employee last year in the height of the pandemic. Before joining our team Javier lived on Catalina Island for 22 years working at a variety of restaurants. He moved there directly from Mexico with his brothers when he was 17.

At the end of 2019 Javier's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer which forced him to leave the island and move to Long Beach where they
could get the care she needed.

In an effort to try and make ends meet he worked with his brothers and friends doing various construction jobs just to help provide for his family. In early 2020 Javier got a job at a Mexican restaurant in Lakewood which would help provide for his wife's medical needs and support his 2 sons. But then in March the pandemic hit and the restaurant closed and once again Javier
face the struggle of how to provide for his family.

In June of last year he show up on our doorsteps after another employee told him about us. We hired him as a dishwasher on the night shift at the time and while he had experience in the kitchen he was happy to just have a job. We found him to be a very calm, professional and kind person willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to help somebody out.

Since our teams came back together, earlier this year, we were able to move Javier into the kitchen and increase his salary to help him make ends meet. And the best news yet, is that is wife is cancer free.

Just one of the many untold stories of how we have been able to help people during this pandemic and beyond.
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All for our friends and neighbors in need.

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