What do Minneapolis, Baltimore and Portland have in common? Each have urban agriculture plans that guide decisions on land use, water access, infrastructure and other issues that impact growing and distributing food in the city. New York City may soon follow suit. On June 11, Farm School NYC testified before the New York City Council's Committee on Land Use on proposed legislation to develop a comprehensive urban agriculture plan . In our testimony, we offered the example of our own founders -- a collective of grassroots growers and activists living and working in black and brown communities who drew on their rich resources of thriving farms and abundant knowledge to build Farm School NYC. Pointing to our founders' success, we called for an autonomous task force of community-based farmers and gardeners to help develop this proposed plan.

To learn more about the call for strategic action and community inclusion in urban agriculture policy, join Farm School NYC at the next CUNY Urban Food Policy Forum, Charting the Future of Urban Agriculture in New York City , on June 27 at CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy.