Seafood Update
January 7th - January 11th
Featured Fish!
Fresh Mahi-Mahi
Caribbean | Fillets cut from 5-10 lb. & 15+ lb. fish

This week's feature is Mahi-mahi fillets cut from your choice of 5-10 lb. fish or 15+ lb. fish. Our 5-10 lb. mahi produce on average 1.5 -3 lb. fillets, and our 15+ lb. mahi produce on average 5 - 8 lb. fillets. We are bringing in fresh product throughout the week and prices are still very sharp - a great featured menu item!
Spotlight Items!
Fresh Local Sheepshead
VA & NC | 3-5 lb. fish

Sheepshead use their human-like teeth to eat shellfish which gives their meat a sweet shellfish flavor with a firm, moist flesh. Great local fish option for almost any type of menu.

Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay | Fillets cut from 2-4 lb. & 5-8 lb. fish

Locally caught Rockfish (striped bass) continue to be a great option. We have both 2-4 lb. fish and 5-8 lb. fish available as whole fish or we can fillet at your request.

Fresh Local Speckled Trout
VA & NC | 1.5-3 lb. fish

Speckled Trout are rolling in fresh from local boats throughout the week and prices are continuing to stay sharp. A great local fish option!

Andouille Sausage
Crescent City Meats | 12 x 1 lb
Coming in straight from our friends in Louisiana at Crescent City Meats, this tasty sausage makes for a great addition to any entree.

Peachtree Oysters
Wicomico River, VA | 100 ct.   

Peachtree Oysters are raised in off-bottom cages near Peachtree point, in Virginia’s Little Wicomico River. A great addition to any raw bar menu.

Local Shucked Oysters
Virginia | Selects & Counts

Any way you prepare them; these freshly shucked oysters are sure to impress! Gallons, Pints, and 8oz. sizes available. (*Counts are available in limited quantities)

Gulf Shrimp
USA | All size & types

Frozen Gulf shrimp in all sizes are available from U/12 to 40/50 and up. We carry shell-on block & IQF. Chat with your account rep for more info!
Anson Mills Grits
South Carolina | 10 lb. bag

We carry a full line of grits from Anson Mills, from their popular Middlins (rice grits) to various colored grits including red, white, blue, & yellow. Chat with your account rep for more info on our full line of Anson Mills products!

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