September 2021
Hello, Map Friends!
We hope this monthly missive finds you well and enjoying the gentle approach of Autumn. This is one of the best seasons on Cape Cod, when the humidity is lower, nights are cooler, sunny days abound, and nature calls us to spend some time outside before winter gets too close. On the left are a few photos showing our wonderful nature trails, bike paths, and interesting fungi! If you need a getaway, be sure to check out!

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Maps Going Postal

We have two intriguing maps related to the Postal Service: One is the Philatelic Institute's Stamp Map of the World by Ernest Dudley Chase; the other is an Official Parcel Post Map of the United States from the first year of Parcel Post service in the US.
1959 - The Philatelic Institute's Stamp Map of the World
A delightful glimpse back in time to the stamps that were in use in 1959. This map features stamps from countries around the world, as well as stamp history and quotes. This would be the perfect map gift for any philatelist!
1913 - Official Parcel Post Map of the United States
This map shows the postage rates for parcels leaving a post office in the area of either south-eastern Connecticut or the tip of Long Island. These maps seem to be rather rare, likely because when they were out of date, they were destroyed. The only other map like this that we have found is in the collection of the National Postal Museum. In 1913 the cost to send a 5lb package from Montauk to California was just 60 cents!
Swedish Estates of the 18th century

These handsome engravings are from "Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna," which has been described as a grand vision of Sweden during its period as a great European power. In 1661 Dahlberg was was granted a royal privilege enabling him to produce the work, which ultimately took decades to complete, comprising three volumes. It was not published until after his death. These detailed prints recall an interesting and grand vision of Sweden's architectural history. We have several more on our website and these could be hand colored for even more impact!
1735 - A New Map of ye North Parts of America claimed by France under ye Names of Louisiana, Mississippi, Canada & New France. With the Adjoining Territories of England & Spain. By H. Moll Geographer
This complex map features political propaganda for North America, such as the large Louisiana that encompasses everything from Tallahassee to the Rio Grande, wonderfully amorphous Great Lakes, a tantalizing river stretching into the northwest suggesting a passage from the West Coast, and the elongated British colonies along the East Coast with dotted boundaries. A delightful, small early map of North America that will surely be exciting to study.
1862 - Coast of South Carolina from Charleston to Hilton Head

Published during the American Civil War, this coast survey report map includes plans of forts along the coast with recognition profiles. At top is Sketch E Showing the Progress of the Survey in Section No. V, which includes the coast from Georgetown SC to Amelia Island GA. A fascinating Civil War era Coast Survey map, showing Hilton Head, Kiawah Island, and Charleston.
1933 - A Map of Long Island

A few months ago, we featured the 1961 edition of this pictorial Long Island map. Now we are pleased to offer the original 1933 map. This unusual, playful tourist map of Long Island was drawn by Courtland Smith, compiled by Richard Foster, and published by the Billboard Barn, dated 1933. Towns, parks, lighthouses and illustrations of key tourist sites are featured. It boasts vibrant original color. The top border is filled with underwater scenes; the sides and bottom show famous sites such as Birthplace of John Howard Payne, East Hampton, and Jones Beach, and historical events such as the settlement of Brooklyn and building of the Brooklyn Bridge. The lower right border depicts a scene of potato farming with the simple caption "Potatoes".
Other Interesting New Additions
1929 - Points of Interest in Quaint Marblehead

by H. Boylston Dummer, published by Marblehead Craft Shop, copyrighted by C.V. Torrey
1952 - The Campus of Princeton University from the Northeast
by R.S. Snedeker
West Point
As it was in 1830, published in The Centennial of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York ... in 1904
1930 - The Map of Old Cape Cod
The Land of Bold Explorers, Heroic Pilgrims, Hardy Seamen, Great Fisheries and Famous Ships
by Coulton Waugh, 1930

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