Volume 2, Issue 5
June 9, 2023
Fresh Start Khabar
Khabar, "news" in Farsi, is Fresh Start's monthly newsletter.

Your generosity has given Fresh Start the ability to help families with direct resettlement efforts, employment search, and skill-building initiatives. Thank you for the support that has made this possible! More than ever, we need volunteers. Please consider donating your time to the community.

This issue will share all the exciting things that happened at Fresh Start in April and May 2023.

Whether you can help with linguistic needs, create resumes, line up jobs, or provide transportation, Fresh Start needs you! Visit our website and sign up to become a volunteer.
Youth Mentorship
2023 Summer Youth Mentorship:
FSRAC and NOVA Raft are launching a youth mentorship program this summer. The initiative is aimed at helping middle and high school students with acclimating to the US public school system by providing subject-specific tutoring, SOL and exam preparation, and continued language development. Students in the program will benefit from socializing with peers and strengthening their social support. Please sign-up using the link to the right to become a youth mentor this summer.
Air and Space Museum
Volunteers from Nova Raft and Fresh Start took a group of Afghan Refugee students to the Air and Space Museum. The students learned about the history of flying and experienced life-size models of different aircrafts. This was a great way for students to have an interactive learning experience while socializing and making new friends.
Financial Literacy Workshop
Fresh Start Refugee in partnership with NOVA RAFT, United Bank and Alexandria City held a second financial literacy session for newly arrived refugee families. The aim of this workshop was to equip participants with the knowledge they need to save and plan for milestone purchases to invest and improve their livelihoods in the US. Over 20 participants gathered to learn about high-yield savings accounts, the impact of the rising interest rates, and economy at large. The United Bank facilitators in collaboration with FSRAC and Nova RAFT gave practical examples of how participants can budget for their home, food, and other expenses while taking advantage of financial instruments to save and plan for their future. Knowledge is power and we’re excited to keep this financial literacy series continuing to empower our communities and its member. Thank you to our partners for supporting this journey!
In-person ESL Classes
With our partner, NOVA Raft, we continue to operate the popular in-person ESL classes. Students’ active participation has been ongoing and the impact is noted in their improving language skills. There is a need for more volunteers to help with our weekly evening conversational classes. Please consider signing up using the link below.

White House Celebrates Eid:
Our board members represented FSRAC at the White House Eid celebration this past May along with many other Afghan Americans who work tirelessly to support our local communities.

Cultural Orientation:
Board members at Fresh Start hold ongoing cultural orientation to help bridge the gap for volunteers and community members.
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