Volume 2, Issue 3
March 14, 2023
Fresh Start Khabar
Khabar, "news" in Farsi, is Fresh Start's monthly newsletter.

Your generosity has given Fresh Start the ability to help families with direct resettlement efforts, employment search, and skill-building initiatives. Thank you for the support that has made this possible! Keep an eye out for all the exciting things coming up in 2023 including more workshops, training, and community events. More than ever, we need volunteers. Please consider donating your time to the community.

Whether you can help with linguistic needs, create resumes, line up jobs, or provide transportation, Fresh Start needs you! Visit our website and sign up to become a volunteer.
Trip to Virginia State Capitol
We took a trip to the Virginia State Capitol building in Richmond this past Presidents Day! Afghan refugee youth got a chance to tour the building and sit in on an assembly meeting! Thank you to Delegate Kathy Tran, NoVA RAFT and the NoVA Catholic Community for making this possible!
Emergency Fund to Support Vulnerable Families
In February, we were made aware of three vulnerable asylum-seeking families who were at risk of becoming homeless. In partnership with community organizations and generous donors, we were able to secure housing and provide them with essential supplies needed to thrive in Northern Virginia. The families are finally getting settled in and are immensely grateful for the community coming together to support them. 
Laptop and Desktop Donation
Thank you to a generous donor for donating 35 laptops and 6 desktops! These will be distributed to our families to further support their ESL education and job search activities.

Home Set Ups
We continue to organize home set-ups and deliver supplies to refugees in the DMV. If you know a family who needs help, please send us an email at info@freshstartrefugee.org

We’d like to thank NoVa RAFT, Westwood Baptist Church, Parkwood Baptist, Reston Bible Church, and Pohick Church for their assistance in helping Afghan refugees settle into their new homes. 
ESL Conversation Continue! Volunteers Needed!
In partnership with NoVA RAFT, we are providing a series of English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation classes for our newly arrived Afghan neighbors living in Alexandria, VA. This session began February 14, 2023 and lasts for five weeks. ESL volunteers will work closely with our lead volunteers to run small group activities helping our students improve their conversational English skills.
Classes meet on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6 PM to 8 PM. All classes are being held at the William Ramsay Recreation Center, 5650 Sanger Avenue, Alexandria, VA.

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