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NEFE Resources Beyond the HSFPP



Do you have a junk drawer full of useless stuff, or a wasteful spending habit that you just can't break? 


Most everyone does. NEFE recognizes that understanding the consequences of those spending choices is key to making mindful money management decisions.


Sound like a fun conversation to have with your students? If you answered no, then you haven't met Spendster is a site for people to clear the air about what's cluttering their lives or draining their wallets in a fun, nonjudgmental space.


Spendster's library of video confessionals includes individuals poking fun at their own spending habits or calling out friends and relatives in need of a Spendster wake-up call. 


Instructors can have their class watch one or several Spendster videos and then challenge the students to make their own videos. Students can tap into their creative sides to write a skit, sing a song, perform a rap, or confess their Spendster habits in whatever way they choose.


Beyond the Videos


In addition to the video library, Spendster has many other resources that can be used in the classroom, including calculators, quizzes, worksheets, decision maps, and a blog. Here are some of the key resources to use with your students.

Sweaters Galore and More!
Sweaters Galore and More!
My Wasteful Spending Habit
My Wasteful Spending Habit
Wasting Money with the Internet
Wasting Money with the Internet

Spendster Calculators


Spendster offers three calculators to determine overall spending, money spent on a specific wasteful spending habit, and how long it will take to pay off a credit card


Students can use Spendster's How much am I wasting? calculator to understand that small daily decisions have large consequences over time. 

Spendster Quiz 


Before making a Spenster video have your students complete the Does Your Spending Need a Reality Check quiz. 


This could be a classroom activity, or an activity to take home and discuss with their family, then bring their results back to the classroom.   

Decision Maps and Spendster Blog

Spendster provides decision maps to help students think through two key questions: Should I buy this? and Should I get rid of this?

The decision maps can be paired with complementary Spendster blog posts, including tips for savvy spending, getting ride of useless stuff, living frugally, and finding ways to save. 

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NEW November NEFE Content 

Instructors can use articles from NEFE's Smart About Money and On Your Own websites to  engage students in discussion. New content relevant to teens and educators is posted frequently on our Facebook Page


NEFE Digest


The November/December Digest, NEFE's corporate newsletter, focused on the power of personal stories to shape financial education, and included highlights from NEFE's various efforts in 2014. 


On Your Own (Related HSFPP Module)

So, What Should I Major In? (Module 3)

Columbia University freshman Ryyan Chacra describes his struggle to choose between a technical major that likely will lead to a lucrative job, or a riskier (but possibly more interesting) major with fewer immediate job prospects.


Smart About Money: November Newsletter


SAM Says featured the story of 31-year-old Ashlee Hanson who began volunteering at an assisted living home and found a new friend in 89-year-old Mae. Their story shows that sometimes the gift of your time is the most precious gift of all.

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More NEFE Resources for Educators

CashCourse� - online materials for college students - scripts and materials for adult financial education

Evaluation Toolkit� - databank of questions to measure impact - young adult blog about financial lessons learned - confessions of bad spending habits - consumer finance tips and tools


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