Dear Friends,

In our last letter, we shared with you the challenges that Bellingham Food Bank has been facing. In 2022, client visits doubled, averaging 3,500 visits per week. Unfortunately, the situation is not improving, and we are now serving almost 4,000 visits each week. Despite the tough times, we are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support from you, our community. We want to take a moment to update you on what we have been doing to stay sustainable.

As we now serve more people with less food, we are seeking stronger ties with our shoppers and supporters. It seems the diversity of Whatcom County is often underestimated. Many people do not know there are at least 28 languages spoken at BFB and over a third of shoppers do not speak English. We are working hard to deepen our connections across language and culture so we can work together to overcome challenges as a whole community, not as isolated fractions. Additionally, we approached local government in February to see what we could do together. By May, roughly 50% of our requests were approved by both City and County Council. We continue to seek funding at all levels of government whenever possible. We would also like to highlight Food Lifeline for the work they have done to re-stabilize post-COVID. We are working with the Food Lifeline team on a new pilot program to increase direct ordering and collaboration.

Feeding our community might be a simple mission, but when you commit to it, it is a complex issue with many people involved. It is an absolute joy to see people come together at BFB. We get messages every day from people thanking us and telling us what a positive impact we have had in their life. Sometimes it can be hard to let that sink in because we believe hunger is unacceptable in the first place. If we have learned anything in our 52 years of operation, it is that the only way forward is together. Thank you for being with us.

Stephanie Sisson

Outreach Coordinator


Through our discussions with City Council, an additional one time $575,000 in additional funding is approved for this fiscal year. For our County request we collaborated with 7 other Whatcom County Food banks for 2 million dollars in a two year term. We aim to address the rural-urban divide with funding that will reach the whole Whatcom County Food Bank Network. We are happy to announce the first half of our request was approved by County Council. Stay tuned for further updates on these matters next year in the biannual budgeting discussions!

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Join Us at Ski To Sea!

May 26th from 4-10 PM

Boundary Bay Block Party

Join us at Ski to Sea for the famous Boundary Bay Block Party. A portion of money raised from pint sales will go to the Hunger Vs Hunger campaign for BFB.

See you there!


Hunger Vs Hunger

BFB is a community driven organization which means we get to work with some pretty awesome people. Meet Ethan Hunger, a long time volunteer, real estate agent, and resident of Bellingham. On July 8th, he will run (26.2 miles), bike (108 miles), swim (2.8 miles), and HIT workout his way to burning 11,000 calories in one day showing integral role food plays in health and vitality. To participate as a corporate sponsor call 360-920-3088

[email protected]

Stamp Out Hunger

Every year Bellingham breaks records for the national Stamp Out Hunger event where Letter Carriers from across the US pull together food and money for local food banks. Despite working long hours and facing challenges, the Bellingham Letter Carriers have always come through in in one of the most successful community fundraisers for BFB. Thanks to our Letter Carriers over 60k Bellingham residents got the chance to participate with the Stamp Out hunger envelope in their mail on May 13th!

Gleaning Season is Here!

Ever wanted to get your hands dirty on a farm? Now is your chance! BFB is calling for volunteers to go out to the fields and gather more than 60,000 pounds of leftover produce from local farms. BFB is also looking for farms, orchards, and gardens that would like volunteers to glean your excess produce to feed our community together!

Sign Up Today:

Emily Pittis | 360-303-0912

[email protected]

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