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Culinary Experience for the 4th of July

If there is ever an appropriate time to be a bit over the top with your food presentation, it's when the Fourth of July comes around. What are you making for the 4th of July?


 Our Visit to the

 ROTARY Ball Stuttgart 2022


2022 Passion Play

Oberammergau, Germany

Aug 6-8, 2022 

ROTARIANS dancing again together was the 2022 Theme


Was honored to spend some time with the NEW Stuttgart Mayor Frank Nopper and his wife Gudrun.  

(Left) I enjoyed the Schloss Solitude Tour with the German-American Women's club as well. 

Thank You to ALL of our Volunteers!!!!  

VOLUNTEER Colleagues at the



Even though I may live in the USA most of the Year, I still manage the Saturday Volunteers that serve the Homeless at the Franziskusstubbe (Breakfast Kitchen) in Stuttgart. This Breakfast kitchen is run by Sister Margaret Ebbe for the past 39 years. They are closed for July break, but Are looking for more volunteers in 2023...

Check the Calendar for sign ups at:


Why not plan a trip around the upcoming events? Have you checked out your local events or chamber of commerce calendar? 

Travel with a Humanitarian Purpose

Eurway Tours was established in 2018, right before the Covid epidemic. Yet, we have been able to re-gain our momentum in helping people travel.  Not just that, we are supporting Humanitarian organizations in today's global needs.

     My visit to Ukraine with Hyla, and a awesome team of volunteers, From Freedom-Shield to Helping Hands-Stuttgart, I looked at being able to travel, and bringing donations to an entire other level of purpose. 

     I tracked the Donations from the Pensacola subwest Rotary club to assure the purpose for the goods where getting to the people and children in need. 

    This Ukrainian donation & humanitarian effort is continuing, and you can still Donate at: 

India & Nepal Humanitarian visit, was a wonderful experience that we had not expected.  My travel clients & I  Visited SABAH, SAARC Business Association of Home based Workers Nepal facility, was a joyful day of learning, experiencing and supporting the women of these various products. 

Cultural Experience

The 175th Fall Cannstatter Fest will open Sept. 23, 2022 and we have Tickets for the OPENING, and each Saturday evening at the GRANDL Party tent.  We have DV and VIP seating reserved.  Contact us for your reservations.  Group tables of 10 are available, Sept. 23, Oct 1 & 8, from 17:00-24:00 

#Eurwaytours - we can get you there ! 

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