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Business Growth Roundtable - February edition
In a recent study, 71.4% of respondents reported their sales process has changed as a result of transitioning into a remote environment. 

Of those, 91% had difficulty gaining buyers’ attention and keeping them engaged virtually, and 88% reported sales teams having difficulty developing relationships with buyers in a virtual environment.  
Their challenges are: 
  • Not generating enough inbound leads 
  • A poor close rate 
  • Losing track of follow up status in the “sea of lists”  
  • An inconsistent sales process 
  • A sales cycle that is way too long 

But the virtual selling environment isn’t going anywhere, and you can be successful if you adjust your strategy.

This webinar will discuss develop sales enablement strategies that will: 

  • Generate more leads 
  • Turn those leads into closed business 
  • Successfully automate follow up processes 
  • Create consistencies in your sales process that work every time 
  • Improve your closing rate 
This event is ideal for:

  • Business owners and leaders 
  • Sales managers 
  • Sales professionals 
  • Marketing professionals 

Meet Jonathan Gellman
Let's get to know Jonathan Gellman, a strategic, results-oriented entrepreneur and sales professional with over 25 years of experience, including 14 years as a small business owner of two companies.

His most recent experience has been focused on Talent Acquisition and the Talent Review processes, recruiting top talent for both privately held and public companies across the country. Meet Jonathan here.
At Crothers, we can help you with your recruiting and retention strategy along with creating best practices to hire your top talent. Contact us and get our skills working for you!
ICYMI: A quick read
What's the difference between coaching and mentoring - or is there one?

Coach Natalie Wittmann gives us the clear-cut distinctions between the two - and also how they can compliment each other:

Natalie illustrates these tools with a real-life example of her coaching experience with a young professional.
Grateful to support local organizations

As part of our community outreach efforts, we frequently partner with local organizations, both to provide professional services and to support them in other ways. This month we are highlighting one of our non-profit clients who provide valuable services to the community.
Triple C Housing, Inc. (Triple C) is a community housing development organization that expands affordable housing opportunities complimented by supportive services to individuals, families and veterans impacted by a disability, who are unhoused or have a or long-term hospitalization.
The supportive services are provided in the home and community at large, and focus on wellness and recovery to achieve positive outcomes in overall health, self sufficiency and housing stability.
It's not all work...
As we like to remind everyone, it can't be all work - sometimes we need to play as well!

Laura and Isabelle kicked off their 2023 ski season with fresh snow blanketing the trees, whose glistening beauty added to the serenity of the VT mountain.

Nothing like a top-down perspective before swishing down the slopes!
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