Volume 01 Issue 14| May 13-17. 2019
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Recap: Week of May 13-17
This week, students continued to explore evidence of evolution and started to describe how organisms are related with phylogenetic trees. At the end of the week, they took an assessment on how well they can evaluate that evidence.

Students finished reading The Odyssey this week in English class this week. They also spent class time writing and illustrating a children’s book and creating a 3D depiction of a character or scene (see below) from the epic.

Social Studies
This past week, students in Global Studies investigated modern definitions of Human Rights as created by the United Nations and researched ways in which human rights are violated through human trafficking. Students investigated examples of child labor, debt labor, and child soldiers throughout the world and created presentations that highlight and attempt to understand the reasons why human rights are not universal.

AP Human Geography
Students in APHG completed the AP exam last Tuesday. Mr. Dahnke and Mr. Baumann were both pleased with how positive the students were regarding how prepared they felt they were and the work that students put in the last couple weeks as they prepared for the exam. After the exam, students will be working on their dossier project linked in Google Classroom. Before starting that project however, students "decompressed" from the exam on Wednesday by competing between houses for the quickest group to complete a vintage map of the world!

This week in health class, students reflected on their overall health and wellness by writing a letter to themselves. They considered their current strengths and weaknesses and set goals for the future.
Looking Ahead: Week of May 20th
Global Studies students are using the origins and spread of Hip-Hop to investigate the globalization of culture and society. Did you know that Hip-Hop as a genre can be traced back to a back-to-school party organized by the sister of DJ Kool Herc - the inventor of Hip-Hop? Kids will be learning how and why a music culture that originates in the Bronx, NY has influenced young generations around the globe, including its role in the Arab Spring protest movement and how this "journey" of a music style is an example of a more connected world.
Journey Project
The human civilization is approaching a crossroads. Due to socio-economic, ethical, and technological decisions that were made in the past, our society has evolved to where it is today.  While these decisions have been made with the best of intentions some have caused unintentional, catastrophic and far reaching impacts. Changes must be made to the status quo to prevent further negative consequences in the future. Students will be researching how our past has shaped our current society and assessing the state of the future of our global society. Students will assess how our world will be affected if no changes are made and provide a change that will help prevent the elimination of life as we know it in the future.

Below are some potential topics that students will choose from:
  • Deforestation
  • Human Overpopulation
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Ozone Depletion
  • Desertification
  • Climate Change
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Pesticide Resistance
  • Water Scarcity
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Water/Air Pollution

This final project incorporates assessment opportunities in English, Biology, and Social Studies, so we encourage students to finish the school year strong!
Class of 2022 Honors Program
We are now getting to the end of the school year, and it appears as if approximately 20 students are going to finish the year with an honors distinction on their transcript! The students are in the process of scheduling their passion project presentations, service learning project presentations and honors program reflections. It has been a pleasure for the entire freshman academy faculty team to see these students enhance their learning by choosing and creating projects that matched their personal interests!!

There is a section on the Freshman Academy area of the district website with more information. Please visit - Freshman Academy Honors Program FAQs
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