Volume 01 Issue 01| August 15, 2018
Welcome to the weekly newsletter for the Whitnall High School Freshman Academy. Timely information will be shared in this newsletter and newsletters will be archived on the district website. Please click the link below to visit the Freshman Academy website. It is currently a work in progress. We will be adding to the site over the next couple weeks so be sure to check back often.
Upcoming Events: Parent Meeting on August 23
We recognize there may be questions that parents and students have regarding Freshman Academy and want to provide an opportunity to answer those in person. We are holdiing a meeting on Thursday, August 23 at 6:30 PM in the WHS Auditorium. Tentative agenda items include:
  • Explain the difference between Global Studies and AP Human Geography(see article below) so students can make a choice prior to school starting
  • Explain the Honors Program
  • Tour revised physical learnings spaces at WHS to be used in Freshman Academy

If you are unable to attend, we will be recording the meeting and sending out the link.
Global Studies or AP Human Geography?
Within the Freshman Academy, students will have the option to select which social studies course they will complete. The standard course for all students is Global Studies. However, some students may want to participate in the Advanced Placement Human Geography. This course is being offered the first time at Whitnall this upcoming school year. Students do not need to be in the Honors Program to be in AP Human Geography

More information will be provided on August 23 at the parent meeting and will be asking those students interested in AP Human Geography to sign up by August 28 within Infinite Campus. If you have questions at this time regarding the social studies options, please submit them to the form by using the link below.

Class of 2022 Honors Program
Starting with the class of 2022, students will have the option to apply to the Honors Program which will provide unique opportunities and challenges to students who are highly motivated to excel as leaders in academics and other areas of the school community. The Honors Program is designed to inspire high achieving students to strive for excellence. Students will extend their learning through alternative projects, approaches to learning, seminars, and connections in the community. The Honors Program will not provide additional credits but will be indicated on a student’s transcript.

The Honors Program will fill a void in our gifted program while also providing a more comprehensive approach to academics and learning for the highly motivated student. The application process will ensure that students are clear on expectations of the program and that it is a fit for their academic programming.

More information will be provided on August 23 at the parent meeting and to students within the first couple weeks of school. Students do not need to apply for the Honors Program prior to school starting but will need to sign up by September 17.

Class of 2022 Transition Day: August 29
Did time get away and you forgot to sign up for the transition day for all freshmen on Wednesday, August 29? Please call Rene Freyer, District Office, at 414-525-8414 to register for this event.

Students will meet their teachers, classmates, and become more comfortable with their new school environment. Freshman will be receiving new Chromebook, taking their school photos, and receiving their school ID in addition to many other activities.

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