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Friday  is a day that we encourage giving back to Father's Heart Ministry, so if we want you to give to FHM - we are going to give you something REALLY GOOD every time! 

We have another great gift to give you this week. Over the last year we have sent out on Giving Day individual sessions of the Prophetic Soaking Series. Recently we sent out session 5 which was the final one, so now we want to give you in ONE e-mail the ENTIRE series in a streaming format (see below at the bottom of section 1 of this e-mail). As we've mentioned before, this series of prophetic soaking session was recorded in Nashville at the studies of Grammy winner Dony Maguire! Dony played and Russ prophesied for 2 days in the studio and the result was five powerful sessions of soaking in the prophetic. So enjoy the entire series as our gift below (scroll down). This free version is in streaming format, but if you would like to have the entire series in downloadable form to listen to on your device it is available HERE.

To retrieve FREE, streaming series, scroll down the bottom of section 1 of this e-mail to access this soaking session as OUR gift BUT before you do - it IS giving day! Do you appreciate Father's Heart Ministry? We know you do - so please, SOW INTO THE ANOINTING using one of the following options (and THANK YOU). 

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Who is the prophet in your life? We seldom if ever mention giving opportunities but Friday is the day that we thank our partners and supporters for making what we do possible. Do you appreciate the Daily Prophetic Word? Have Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden been a blessing to you this year?

When you give into an anointing you set the preamble for what happens next in your life. Sometimes you give into a need and sometimes you give into an anointing. When you give into an anointing you are giving into your future. We invite you to honor Russ and Kitty as prophets - a momma and poppa in your life by giving into the ministry using the following link: (Thank you!!!). 

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To give by phone, simply call our office and our admin, Terri Allen will be there to securely accept your donation. The number is 417.593-9802. 

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