New Jersey Update
Friday, February 4th
This afternoon, New Jersey reported an additional 2,709 confirmed positive tests, and 104 confirmed deaths were reported. The transmission rate has been at 0.55 for 5 consecutive days now. It was also reported that hospitalizations have decreased by 60% after a recent spike.

Sunday, January 30th, was reported to be the fewest single-day case total since December 6th, which is indicative of the omicron variant fading out. The highest single-day case total was on January 7th.

The public health emergency that was put into place by Governor Murphy last month is set to expire next week, although it could be renewed for an additional 30 days. The Governor has not commented on the possibility of an extension at this time.
NJ Legislative Update

Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee
A1096  Requires new flooring for schools and child care centers to be certified mercury free. Passed w/ amendments

A1556  Updates certain notice requirements for actions alleging consumer fraud violations and adds indirect purchasers as parties who can receive damages for antitrust violations. Discussion Only

A1557  Prohibits tax preparers from engaging in certain practices involving refund anticipation checks and loans. Passed w/ amendments

A1558  Requires certain consumer contracts to include translations to languages other than English. 

A1559  Imposes certain consumer protection requirements on service contract providers. Discussion Only

Assembly Higher Education Committee
A1176  Requires institutions of higher education to implement suicide prevention programs and raise awareness of mental health services. Passed w/ amendments

A1189  Requires financial aid award letter provided by institutions of higher education and certain proprietary schools be consistent with financial aid shopping sheet. Passed

A1311  Establishes healthcare careers pilot program for certain institutions of higher education and proprietary schools. Passed

Assembly Health Committee
A1988   Establishes central registry for sickle cell trait diagnoses; provides for informational outreach and genetic counseling. Passed

A2002   Requires State registrar to permit county surrogate to provide certified copy of death certificate to authorized person under certain circumstances. Passed

A2021 Requires embryo storage facilities to record and report health information of patients in manner that is consistent with certain federal laws. Passed

Senate Education Committee 
S129 Requires all students enrolled in grade eight to have certain physical examination that includes cardiac component.  Passed w/ amendments
S248 Establishes pilot program in DOE to support establishment of criminal justice career academies in public high schools. Passed

S354 Establishes School Funding Formula Evaluation Task Force. Passed

S464 Revises conditions for use of virtual or remote instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement. Passed w/ Committee Amendments

S820 Establishes Division of School Desegregation in DOE to identify racial and socioeconomic segregation of school districts and to ensure better integration in public schools. Passed

S903 Establishes educational service agencies for procuring custodial and food services in schools and ensures certain employee rights for affected employees. Passed
S904 Eliminates requirement for State residency of public school employees for period of three years. Passed
S905 Extends period of time for filing special education due process petitions related to COVID-19 school closures and periods of virtual, remote, hybrid, or in-person instruction. Passed

Assembly Community Development and Affairs Committee
A681 Allows credit against corporation business tax and gross income tax liability for employing persons with a developmental disability.  Passed

A793 Creates "Community Wealth Preservation Program"; expands access for certain buyers to purchase property from sheriff's sales. Passed w/ amendments
A1239 Requires DCA to establish standards for prisoner reentry transitional housing. Passed
A1376 Eliminates driver's license suspension for failure to pay parking tickets; requires registration suspension for more than five parking tickets. Passed w/ amendments
A1563 Establishes the "Neighborhood Scholar Revitalization Pilot Program." Passed w/ amendments
A1719 Requires members, officers, and employees of Legislature to undergo implicit bias and cultural competency training. Passed
A1720 Requires cultural diversity and implicit bias training be included in police basic training curriculum. Passed

Assembly Regulated Professions Committee   
A571 "General Contractor Licensing Act;" provides for licensure of general contractors. Discussion Only

Senate Transportation Committee          
S356 Provides for lifetime disqualification from operating commercial motor vehicle and transportation network company vehicle for persons convicted of human trafficking.  Passed
S646 Requires NJTA and SJTA to check E-ZPass database before issuing E-ZPass violation. Passed
S759 Requires DEP to develop and implement electric school bus program; provides for $15 million in first year and $15 million annually in subsequent two years to DEP, subject to availability, to provide grants. Passed w/ amendments
S906 Authorizes transfer on death (TOD) of title to motor vehicle. Passed w/ amendments
S1031 Requires Attorney General to maintain database and publish certain information concerning documentary service fees charged by motor vehicle dealers. 

Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee
A674 Establishes New Jersey Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program. Passed w/ amendments
A1747        Establishes Prescription Drug Affordability Board; appropriates $1,000,000. Passed w/ amendments
A1762  Requires health insurance carriers to offer clear cost share plans for individual health benefits plans. Discussion Only
A2064  Creates certain requirements for certain earned income access services and related provider contracts.  Discussion Only

Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee
S144 Establishes "COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Worker Memorial Commission."  Passed
S311 Establishes Core Behavioral Health Crisis Services System. Passed w/ substitute
S315 Requires contracts for sale of certain health care entities to preserve employee wages and benefits and to honor collective bargaining agreements. Passed w/ amendments
S380 Establishes Disparity in Treatment of Persons with Disabilities in Underrepresented Communities Commission in DCA.  Passed
S521 Expressly authorizes medical cannabis patients under 18 years of age to have up to four designated caregivers. Passed
S539 Requires DOH to issue WIC electronic benefits transfer cards; permits online purchase of eligible foods using WIC funds and carryover of unused WIC benefit amounts; authorizes use of WIC funds for grocery delivery charges. Passed
S783 Establishes Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund and Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund Advisory Council; provides for funds received from opioid settlements to support substance use disorder prevention and treatment programs. Passed w/ amendments
S875 Requires Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services in DHS to accept permanent change of station order for purposes of satisfying residency requirement for provision of home and community based services under certain circumstances. Passed
SJR34 Designates March as "Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Passed w/ amendments

Assembly Housing Committee
The committee met to receive testimony from invited guests and members of the public on homelessness and housing insecurity in the State, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these problems.

Assembly Aging and Senior Services Committee
The committee heard from invited guests regarding the status of affordability of long-term care and senior housing with the intention of gaining insights as to how this community might be supported by potential legislation.
Administration and Department Information
The New Jersey Governor's Office
The Governor's Office has been updating their website with the latest information on the COVID-19 response.

The New Jersey Legislature
The New Jersey Legislature has passed legislation allowing them to virtually conduct committee meetings and voting sessions online. If you would like to view live Hearings and Voting Sessions, you may do so here.
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