January 7, 2019, springfieldbar.com
Next Week: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act--Last Minute Tips for Lawyers
Wednesday, January 16

Location Change
BKD Training Room, 1st Floor
910 E. St. Louis
Springfield, Missouri 
Damien Martin of BKD, LLP provides crucial information on the pass-through deduction, meal & entertainment deductions, and much more. This presentation is a must for anyone interested in what key provisions of TCJA mean for you and your business.

Next Week: Tips from the Christian County Bench
Thursday, January 17

Springfield Brewing Company
305 S. Market Ave.
Springfield, MO
Join Christian County Judges Laura Johnson, Jennifer Growcock, Doug Bacon, and Jessica Kruse as they provide tips on how to navigate the Christian County courts.

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CLE Lunch Line-Up (third Wednesdays)
Jan- Tax Cuts and Job Acts (TCJA): Last-Minute Tips for Lawyers
Feb- Cybersecurity: Update on Trends and Recent Attacks
Mar- Insurance Unraveled What Lawyers Need and What They Need to Know
April- Smoke Cleared: What's Next For Medical Marijuana?
May- Missouri's New Attorney General Eric Schmitt
June- Forensic Accounting, Litigation Services & Business Valuation –
July- Federal Tips from Judge Stephen Bough
Aug- How Women Got the Vote – Tom Strong
Oct- State of the Bar, Thomas Bender and Sebrina Barrett
Nov- Missouri's Chief Justice and Missouri's Supreme Court Clerk
Dec- Gifts from the Bench
Bar Brew Line Up (third Thursday)
Jan- Tips from Christian County Judges Johnson, Bacon, Growcock and Kruse
Feb- Newly Barred Game – Tips from Judges Cordonnier, Brown and Powell
Mar- Freedom of Expression in 2019
Apr- Legal Jeopardy with Judge Mary Russell
May- Fundamentals of DWI - 15 Things Every Lawyer Needs to Know
June- Emoji Legal Pictionary
July- Gifts from the Bench, Tips from the Family Court Commissioners
Aug- Fundamentals of Medical Marijuana Law
Sept- Reasoning with Unreasonable, Understanding Personality Disorders
Oct- Fundamentals of Auto Accidents, Steve Garner
Nov- Keys to the Courthouse Next Door- with "Out-County" Judges
Dec- Fundamentals of Appellate Practice
2019 Dial In Line Up
The 2019 series includes 6 programs, each worth 1.5 MCLE Ethics
Mar- The Ethics of Mental Health for Lawyers and their Clients
Apr- Tips from the Region XV Disciplinary Committee
May- Ethics and Technology
Jun- Issues and Updates with Missouri’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel
July- Trust Accounting
Aug- Ethics and Succession Planning
Friday at the Moxie!
Starring: Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux, Director: Mimi Leder, Rating: PG-13, running time: 120 min.
Young lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) teams with her husband Marty to bring a groundbreaking case before the U.S. Court of Appeals and overturn a century of gender discrimination. 

The SMBA is providing free popcorn the Friday, January 11, 7 pm showing of this critically acclaimed film. Join us at the Moxie! Buy tickets at this link.