"The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public."

Robert Kennedy JR


Spanish Lesson #2

¿Que es Fascist?

"Anti-individualistic, the fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the state and accepts the individual only so far as his interests coincide with those of the state."


Benito Mussolini

And me!

Quote of the Week:

"We're non-violent environmental protestors! Please!"

As swearing tribal police smash their barricade and arrest them at gunpoint

Pic, please?

I meant a pic of Megan Garber


Trump was supposed to be humbled but he looks threatening! Leave me alone, Trump!

Help! He's trying to date me

I wonder if he's got blond hair on his legs

Sheriff in Florida After the Shooting

“People are bad; this guy’s a bad guy. [But] if I take my gun off right now and lay it on this counter, nothing will happen,” he continued.

“It’ll sit there — but as soon as a wicked person grabs ahold of that handgun and starts shooting people with it — there’s the problem.”

It is starting and they are telling you The NY Times last week ran a story: "Why Elections are Bad for Democracy"

Penis removal should be mandatory on day one for guys 'identifying' as women and wanting access to their spaces

If getting people to act like sheep is so easy, shouldn't it be just as easy to get people NOT to act like sheep?

Japan's PM ate fish from the Fukushima nuke waste water to show it's "Safe and delicious." Your turn, Joe

If I ever fly again I'm going to make sure my pilot hasn't been vaccinated

Appropriately named Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, admitting vehicle theft in his city is out of control is suing car manufacturers for not including 'engine immobilization features in the cars

Blowback Alley


As new BA.2.86 COVID variant emerges, America lifts middle finger to the same old mandates

Check THIS Out...

What is 6+3+2+1+5?




What is the 17th letter in the alphabet???

3 From

Donald Trump’s Trial For Election Interference Set To Begin In Time To Interfere With Election

‘Hey, Look, I Am Smoking A Marijuana!’ Shouts DeSantis At Police In Bid To Get His Own Cool Mugshot

Mitch McConnell Blinks Twice To Signal His Resignation

If you "want to keep the hype of climate change in perspective, check out the Federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's website, if you look at the federal data they will tell you,

"there is no evidence that manmade climate change is making hurricanes or storms any more frequent or devastating. Yet the majority of people today think hurricanes are a product of 'climate change.'"

Roger Pielke, U of Colorado

In his book, a self-professed 'apology for the climate scare,' Michael Schellenburger, who used to work for Obama is quoted as saying "They lie about wildfires, hurricanes, everything."

More from Pielke

'Climate Change'

Finally, before we start...

A couple of issues ago I said Al Sharpton was the dumbest man in America. That was before I heard him do this:

“So in the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin, show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T"



Kamala Harris Embarrasses Herself During Interview With Al Sharpton (Video)

"You know I think so much about, I talk about, you know we talk about the arc. I think about it as also like a relay race, and those who carry the baton, and, are measured by what they did when they had it and they passed it us. The point will be what do we do while we’re carrying the baton. Understanding that the race will never be over, but the question is what do you do at the time you’re carrying the baton.”

Well you know, anybody who uses a word ending in 'igger' is a racist. Did I ever tell you how lucky we are that the Founding Fathers weren't revolutionaries?

Wow, now I don't feel so bad!


“What the h*** is going on in this country?”: Whoopi Goldberg on the Republicans restricting the freedoms of Americans

The Associated Press

Conservatives are on a mission to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump's vision

For the sake of liberty, the tyrannical government presiding over the United States needs to be overthrown

Cause it ain't the American government, that's for sure

You better watch yourself, Jack. The First Amendment won't bail you out when the FBI shows up at your door

Along with me and my camera crew. Whoever I am

The Associated Press

White House asks Congress to pass short-term funding bill to keep government operating

Can't you, Hunter, and the gang just pull a few strings, extort a foreign country, and launder some money?


Biden Looks Extremely Tired, Confused During Meeting With Costa Rican President (Video)




PETER DOOCY: "Mr. President? Mr. President? Mr. President? Mr. President? Mr. President? Mr. President? How's the campaign coming?"

Biden Gets Lost, Turns Back On Podium During Speech In Florida

The Associated Press

Muslim call to prayer can now be broadcast publicly in New York City without a permit

—You're being arrested for praying outside an abortion clinic without a permit.

—Hey, what's that sound?

—Oh, that's the Muslim call to prayer

Everybody look what's going down

Ash & Pri

13 Things That Were Once Highly Respected But Are Now a Complete Joke

I hope 'freedom' is on that list

Did our military make the list?

What do you mean 'journalism' made the list?

Actually, the slide started with you clowns. And would it kill you to stop saying, 'Worse than Watergate' every five seconds?

Wow, just about anything can make that list these days!

Tell me about it


Many young people are devastated by climate change

Worst day ever

Thanks for ruining my life, Republicans

Will the wind ever stop blowing?

Suffer you little brats, and remember to tell your parents to send me money or I'll have to get a job

Raw Story

Republicans have been lying to their voters — and now those same voters are dying

I'll bite...*CLICK*

"...and climate change is killing the very people who vote for them!"

That's what I get. **CLOSE WINDOW**

Arg, my hay fever!

Ach! My plants are dying

Yes, climate change...hurry everybody, sell your car, move into a yurt, start hoarding bugs


This Small Group of People Are Eating Half of America's Beef

Daily Mail

Joe Biden's fury on media coverage of Afghanistan withdrawal revealed

I'm getting mocked because of those stupid dead people and the media won't stop it

This Solar Find Has Left Scientists Terrified

The man on the moon has stolen the sun!

The Left was paying off scientists even back then...

Rashida Roundup

Racist Karens of Color

Wealthy Living

“In America, You Speak English” – Teacher Suspended for Reprimanding Child Speaking Mother Tongue

When in Rome, do—

Help, racist, fire him!

Career Step Up

This Black Lady Accused a Tea Shop of Cultural Appropriation! You’ll Never Believe What They Did to Earn Her Wrath

Actually I would



Is Cauliflower Racist?

Hi miss, we'll have—

Don't tell me, let me guess. Y'all gonna have four orders of cauliflower. Imma 'bout ready to call the police

No. You stay at home and eat bugs

The Independent News

Conservatives calling White supremacy a myth after non-White cab drivers refuse to accept Black customers

The white supremacist bug is spreading and now people of color are catching it

Trans Roundup!

Man and Home

“The US Is a Deeply Homophobic Nation”: Court Says Parents Can’t Opt Kids Out of LGBTQ+ Curriculum

I don't want to go to the movie!

America is monsterphobic. Now you go see that movie you little brat!

Welcome to gender studies, kids!

I don't wanna go to school!

America is transphobic. Now you go to school you little brat

They didn't have teachers like that when I was young!

He sort of looks like he'd enjoy that


When I dated men, I never wanted kids. Now that I'm in a queer relationship, I suddenly want to be a parent because there are no rules.

Don't we have a joke for this one?

The headline is the joke

There're rules. try not baking a cake for them and find out

I can show you a joke

The Associated Press

Judge dismisses lawsuit by sorority sisters who sought to block a transgender woman from joining

Herre's Janet!


“Treat men who menstruate with the same level of respect” – College provides period products to men’s restrooms

If a woman really became a man then how can he have a period?

Axios Sneak Peek

Canada warns travelers of U.S. LGBTQ+ laws

Careful guys, remember, they're not as gay as me!

—Boy, there's no un-seeing that

—He called us 'travelers' as if we're going back

Daily Dot

‘Everything is better’: Teacher shows reality of gender-neutral bathrooms in schools

Heere's "Identifies As a Woman!"

Bidenomics! Everything is better. Excuse me, little girl, got room for one more in that stall?


Unmasking the Pseudoscience: The Truth About 'Gender-Affirming Care'

Sorry. You can't take a lie, sex-changing, and then say you're going to tell the truth about it while saying the real truth is 'pseudoscience'


People want their baby to stand out these days. Not by accomplishment, no, the government will take care of them. So a name NOBODY has ever had before will have to make their baby memorable.

But when America was great, parents would take their baby, slap one of the above names on it and raise him/her up to go out and be outstanding instead of waiting for the police to show up flashing an outstanding warrant with a really cool name on it