May 1, 2020
Worship Service for use during three day renewal leave

Dear Iowa United Methodist Clergy, Worship Leaders, Lay Leaders, and Staff, Bishop Laurie recently shared, "For the past five weeks, our clergy and laity have been working tirelessly to provide vital worship, pastoral care, and hope for our local ...

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Streamed Services: Staying socially connected during...

Updated Friday, May 1 The Iowa Conference Communications Office is assembling a list of ways you can continue socially engage in worship while practicing physical distancing. We will update this story with new resources as they become available.

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2020 Summer Camp announcement

To supporters of the Iowa United Methodist Camping Ministry: The Iowa United Methodist Camping Ministry has adopted core values which guide our values, principles and decision making. Our first core value is to "ensure guests feel safe, secure...

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Fill the Truck 2020

We WILL be "Filling the Truck" for Midwest Missions in June 2020. Just a little different this year. Drop off dates and locations will be announced soon. For information, contact Pastor Catie Newman at or 712-899-4067...

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Would your church like to begin receiving online gifts?

Looking for a way for your church members and friends to offer their financial support to your congregation during the current health crisis? The Iowa Annual Conference has set up a way to make an online donation. A link can be created on the...

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Next webinar topics are: Beyond the Basics of Online...

Beyond the Basics of Online Church - Ready to take your online worship to the next level? Maybe you started online ministry because of Covid-19 but now you are thinking about how this ministry might reach new people when the pandemic ends?

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Listen to the Good Idea Webinar Podcasts
Listen to podcasts of the current 13 episodes of  Good Idea  webinars on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and  Spreaker. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and hear the growing series of interactive presentations designed to provide resources and address issues and concerns of pastors and laity during the COVID-19 crisis.  

The Good Idea Webinars are a joint effort of the Office of Congregational Excellence, Office of Leadership and Clergy Excellence, the cabinet, and lay leaders Lynn Calvert and Angela Hansen-Abbas. The podcasts are a production of the Communications Ministry Team.