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Friday  5

Barry Sheets
Legislative Consultant
March 13, 2020

Please remember to take preventative measures regarding the virus outbreak currently impacting our state, nation and world. We need You in the Fight for Life at All Stages, now more than ever! Pray for those who are most susceptible and pray for our officials to handle matters in a God-honoring way.

1. Life at Conception -the measure to end abortion as a legal practice in Ohio is still awaiting hearings in the House Criminal Justice Committee. It has not been determined yet if the Assembly will be postponing the return to activity after the primary election break due to the recent declarations by Governor DeWine regarding Ohio's state of emergency. If so, we anticipate hearings being undertaken on the bill in short order; we will keep you posted as further developments unfold.
2.  Last week, the Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid Committee reported Senate Bill 260, the "telemed" abortion ban , on a vote of 7-4, with Republican Stephanie Kunze of Hilliard voting with Democrat panel members against the bill. The full Senate took the bill up on Wednesday and then advanced it to the House on a vote of 21-9, with Kunze and fellow Republican Senator Nathan Manning of Lorain County voting against the bill. The House will need to assign the bill to committee, likely upon return from the primary election break.
3. The Bringing America Back to Life Convention of 2020 was an Outstanding Success . Presentations and information were world-class, Bringing Light into the darkness that seems to be pervasive in our culture. A major highlight of the event was the reading of a letter of commendation for the Convention from President Donald J. Trump (see  here ). Plan to join us in 2021 for the best Pro-Life Event in the country!
4.  Madness, Inc. Planned Parenthood , has declared March 10 th  is "officially" 'National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day'--that's right-a day to celebrate those who willfully murder defenseless unborn children in the womb. If you didn't think humanity could sink so low, let me welcome you to the underside of the pit of hell. Sadly, a number of "progressive" communities (like Minneapolis, Minnesota) have declared the day for their local communities. I think it's high time to get more and more communities that still have a modicum of decency, sense, and humanity to  declare  themselves as "Sanctuaries for the Unborn." 
5.  With "friends" of Life like this, who needs enemies?  This week, six female Senators from Utah walked off the floor in protest of a  vote  on requiring an ultrasound before an abortion. The six were four Democrats and two Republicans.  Thankfully, the measure passed the chamber. Republican Senator Deidre Henderson, who identifies as "pro-life," joined the walk-out against the bill, which she described as "government invasion of privacy." Hmmm, guess the "pro-life" legislator doesn't keep up with current events-the U.S. Supreme Court upheld ultrasound requirements in a Kentucky law just last year, negating the idea that such life-affirming information is any invasion of privacy. 


Each installment of the Friday Five will bring thumbnail profiles of key
policymakers and committees. 
United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit-Judge Karen Nelson Moore . Judge Moore was nominated by President Bill Clinton on January 24, 1995, to a seat on the Court and was confirmed by the United States Senate in a voice vote on March 24, 1995, receiving her commission on March 29, 1995. Moore received her B.A. from Radcliffe College of Harvard University in 1970, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude, and her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, also Magna Cum Laude, in 1973. She clerked for Judge Malcolm Wilkey of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1973 to 1974 and for Associate Justice Harry Blackmun of the United States Supreme Court from 1974 to 1975. Moore served as an instructor for the International Tax Law Program at Harvard Law School from 1972 to 1973. She was in private practice in Cleveland, Ohio from 1975 to 1977 and then served on the faculty of Case Western Reserve University Law School from 1977 until her appointment to the bench in 1995. Moore was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School from 1990 to 1991. She also served as the president of Harvard University's Board of Overseers for 2015-16.  Judge Moore wrote the opinion of a three judge panel invalidating Ohio's law to end the "golden week" of early voting in Ohio , stating "there is extensive evidence in the record of the burdens African American, lower-income, and homeless voters will face in voting" without access to early voting. 
Ohio State Board of Education At large-Cindy Collins . Collins, a realtor by trade, was appointed by outgoing Governor John Kasich to the State Board in January of 2019, just before Governor Mike DeWine was sworn into office. Collins, who works as part of the Gorsuch Realty team, was voted Realtor of the Year in 2018 and currently holds the position of President-Elect for the Lancaster Board of Realtors. On the State Board, Collins serves on the Integrated Student Supports Committee. This committee focuses on policy and rules related to supports for special student populations including students with disabilities, English learners, early childhood and gifted students. The committee also focuses on social and emotional learning, positive behavioral intervention and supports, trauma informed care, behavioral health and school-based health. Collins will be eligible for potential re-appointment in 2022.
Ohio House Public Utilities Committee- the House panel that deals with your electric bills and water rates, as well as utility supply issues, is chaired by Rep. Jamie Callender of Lake County. The committee is comprised of 14 Republican members and nine Democrat members. The committee did have the responsibility for reviewing and hearing the contentious House Bill 6, to change the focus of state subsidies for energy from wind/solar back to nuclear/coal. The committee meets at 11:00 am on Wednesdays.
Ohio Senate Ways and Means Committee- the tax policy-writing committee of the Senate is chaired by Senator Kristina Roegner of Summit County. The committee is comprised of eight Republican members and three Democrats. The committee has reviewed a significant number of bills regarding both personal and business taxation issues, tax breaks, and other related matters. The committee meets at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.
NOTE :  If you are concerned about exposure to the virus threat, know that you can still request an absentee ballot from your local board of elections up to Monday, March 16, before the election as long as it is postmarked or returned by Tuesday, March 17, Election Day. Please try to continue to exercise your freedom to choose your elected officials, even in light of the events of the day.


The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio is an association of metropolitan, county and local pro-life organizations. RTLACO focuses on developing and strengthening local grass roots pro-life leadership, true representative governing for the statewide organization, a commitment to a consistent and holistic pro-life standard to evaluate both policies and elected officials/candidates, and collaborative engagement to develop priorities for action.
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WE believe that all human beings are made in the image of the Creator and must be respected and protected from the moment of conception until natural death. We know to be true that human rights begin when human life begins, as affirmed in the Declaration of Independence.  So as to foster a culture of life we promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings and reject such practices as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, and same-sex marriage that are contrary to "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God".  We represent pro-life citizens from over 8 counties in the region, making our organization one of the largest pro-life organizations in the State of Ohio. We focus our efforts first and foremost at the local level to achieve local solutions and then cooperate with the state and national pro-life efforts as directed and needed.


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