Can you imagine David alone out in the pasture far away from everyone and everything; Just tending to a bunch of stinking sheep? Oh but David had something greater in his heart. For he knew that he was destined by God to do so much more. No doubt David would daydream while he was waiting on God to move on his behalf. I’m quite sure he was thinking about where he WAS and where he really SHOULD be? I can almost hear him saying; Don’t judge me yet. Just because THIS is what I'm IN...Does NOT mean THIS is what is IN me. I wonder how many of you are fighting off those same feelings today? Admit it or not; But still I'm relatively sure that we’ve all had similar feelings at times. But there in the heat of your battle... Yes, right there wherever you are and whatever you’re going through; I dare you to be a David and begin praising God where you ARE...On the way to where you are GOING! Decree it... Believe it...Receive it...And walk it on out in Jesus Name!