Worship This Weekend
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Don't miss worship this Sunday!  Rev. Jim Warren will answer another question in our, "You Asked for It -- Again!" sermon series at both services.  The topic this week is, "Which God?"  Here is his description of the sermon:  "God is seen as responsible for some very gruesome and gory actions, even genocide, in the Old Testament, but most of us experience God as loving and compassionate. The God of Jesus Christ is merciful and forgiving. How can we reconcile these two very different understandings of God?"  Scripture:  Psalm 9:1-10
At the 9:00 service we will dedicate Jack Alexander Larson, son of Adam and Tierney Larson and grandson of John and Peg Larson. 

Also at the 9:00 service, Samantha Dyanne Foster, granddaughter of Al and Beverly Leight, will be baptized. 

Music at both services will celebrate God's power and goodness.  Come to the 10:15 progressive service to hear the One and All Band while you enjoy a light breakfast.

A message about Gifts for Another Table for July:
Let's start off with a bang with items for Home Sweet Home Ministries. Suggestions of non-perishable food items to bring with you to church during July are: boxed rice dinners, pasta & sauce, potato dinners & sauce, Hamburger Helper, instant mashed potatoes, and canned vegetables and fruit.           
                                                                - Pete Whitmer
Don't Miss It

Activities/Events at Our Church THIS Weekend


9:00 a.m.         Traditional Worship in

10:15 a.m.       Sunday School for Adults
                             (Sunshine Class)

10:15 a.m.       One and All Progressive
in Fellowship Hall  
Prayer Concerns

CARD SHOWER:  Harry & Bettie Schultz

PRAYER FOCUS:  Church Family Fellowship

: Sharon Warren

: Darlene Bethel, Roger Harweger, Virginia Warren

Dave Eyman, David Bradbury, Bob Corbett, Mike Frizzell

Marilyn Thompson

Happy 94th Birthday to James Fry on July 20th

  Things to Do While
You Are at Church

Bring a donation for, or sign up to volunteer at, the annual Block Party .  Items needed include cakes, 
cookies, school supplies, and money to cover school kits and miscellaneous expenses.  Volunteers are needed for various roles at the event.  Sign up or donate at the Information Center. 

Bring a white elephant gift donation
and leave it near the Information Center for the July 23 fellowship event.

Bring your Box Tops for Education for Bent School. 
Place them in the Disciples Women's Ministries mailbox near the office and they will be taken to the school by May Jackson.  Thank you!
Check In on Facebook while you are at church (top right button on Facebook app news feed).  At the One and All service feel free to use your device for social media, to share photos and thoughts about your worship experience as it happens.  

Make a new friend!  Greet a visitor.  Show folks around and help them with questions they might have -- you might even invite them to Fellowship Time, which is a super way to break the ice!  The bulletin is a great source of information for visitors, as is the Information Center.  Let's be a welcoming church!    

Serving this Sunday 

Please note:  this is current data as of Friday Email publishing date.  If you know of changes to your own duties, please continue as you have planned.   Thank you!

Acolytes:  George Davis, Vincent Pozo 
Child Care:  Trish Logan
Deacons:   9:00 Matt & Amy Nichols
10:15Ryan Newton, Liberty Nussbaum
Jr. Deacons:  Averie Kiesewetter, Sabrina Campos
Driver:  Rich Crusius
Elders:   Camille & Art Taylor
Homebound Elders: Brenda Phillis, David Bradbury
Fellowship Hosts:  Ralph & Linda Lehmann
Fill Candles:  Ryan Newton
Greeters:  Cindy Rousey, Pete Whitmer
Information Center Host:  Mary Helen Haskell
Scripture:   Todd Chapman
Sound Techs:  Austin Metz, Brian Metz 
Time for Children:  Matt Chapman
Video Tech:  Chip Jamerson
Pulpit:   Jim Warren - Psalm 9:1-10 
"You Asked for It Again:  Which God?"
God is seen as responsible for some very gruesome actions in the Old Testament.  The God of Jesus Christ is merciful and forgiving.  How can we reconcile these two very different understandings of God?
July 14, 2017  
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Youth News

Youth Groups and Sunday School are on break for the summer.
Brown Bag Bible Bunch meets at noon on Wednesdays.  The group is studying the New Testament letters of the Apostle Paul and is currently in Ephesians.  Bring a lunch to the conference room and join the study!  Class meets July 19 to finish  Ephesians, as well as August 9, 16, and 23 to study Philippians.  A great opportunity to learn about the first Christian communities!
Faith, Fellowship, & Flipflops:  Sunday, July 23, at 11:30 a.m.  Food, bingo, volleyball, and children's games.  Don't miss it!  There will be great fellowship and valuable prizes!  See Messenger, bulletin, and Facebook for details , and see schedule to the left. 

Open House: 

The congregation is invited to attend Phyllis L. Miller's 90th birthday open house on Sunday, July 30, from 2 to 4:00 p.m. at Eastland Suites Conference Center. 


Annual Block Party will take place on August 12 from 9:00 a.m. until noon at FCC.  
Where to Park??

Please remember to park, if you are able, in
the Pantagraph lot or in our parking lot catty-corner from the church to the northwest.  This will leave available the north church parking lot for visitors and those who need to park close. 

Thank you!


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