Covid-19 Response
(written by Jim Warren on 3-10-20)

Every time we turn on the news, we hear about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19), and the news is not good. We learned today (3/10/2020) that two cases of the virus have been identified outside of Cook County. It is highly likely that COVID 19 will continue to spread in our country and may reach us.
First Christian Church's staff talked this morning about how we can prepare ourselves for the disease. The following comes from that discussion, a meeting of the worship committee, and additional research I (Jim Warren) did.

What can we do now?
  • Continue to emphasize everyday preventive actions, such as washing hands, using hand sanitizer, staying home when sick, etc.
  • In worship
    • Discourage greeters from shaking hands.
    • Discontinue the Passing of the Peace.
    • Encourage parishioners to use the holy elbow tap or other sign of greeting instead of a handshake.
    • Encourage members of vulnerable groups (those over 60 and those with underlying medical conditions) to stay home from church if they are feeling sick or are feeling vulnerable to becoming sick.
  • Communion
    • Continue weekly communion, but with the modifications below.
    • Discontinue communion by intinction. Use pre-cut bread and single-use cups.
    • The elder will place the bread in the person's hand. The elder will wear gloves.
    • Those who collect the used communion cups after the service will wear gloves and wash their hands when finished.
  • Discontinue serving donuts, donut holes, etc. at coffee hour at both services. Continue to serve coffee, but the server will pour the coffee.
 What about cancelling worship?
  • If someone attends worship or a church function, or comes to an outside group event, and later develops COVID 19, we ask that that person notify the church office as soon as possible. We will make a determination at that time what the church's response will be.
  • If the Public Health Department recommends that all large gatherings be cancelled, we will cancel worship and all face-to-face church functions. All outside groups will also be cancelled.
  • If church is cancelled, we will make every effort to livestream a service using as few people as possible.
Worship This Weekend

This Sunday we have a quick break from Rev. Jim Warren's sermon series, "In the Wilderness."  It will resume next Sunday.

This Sunday at 9:00 a.m. our youth will lead worship.  This is an annual service that our children and youth look forward to, and that proves to be inspiring for all who attend.  Please come see what the younger FCC family members have been working on so hard.  There will be a visually-stimulating prayer experience, and music will be wonderful!

For those who prefer to attend the 10:15 a.m. service, we will worship in Fellowship Hall with the One and All Band, and Jim Warren will preach on Matthew 14:22-33.  This is the story of Jesus walking on the water.  Peter sought to join Jesus on the water, but Peter became afraid.  The sermon will reflect on those things that frighten us, such as the new coronavirus.  What do we do when we're afraid?  
Can't attend this Sunday?  Tune in at 9:00 a.m.on our Facebook Page, or on our website (, to see a live stream of the traditional service!  You can watch  and worship along with folks at FCC.  Be sure to tell your friends! 
food_drive_girl.jpg Gifts for Another Table:
Let's continue to bring items for the Boys & Girls Club, which is most in need of latex gloves (large and small), 55-gallon and kitchen trash bags, Band-Aids, toilet paper, Ziploc sandwich, quart, and gallon-sized bags, and paper towels.
Don't Miss It
Activities/Events at Our Church
THIS Weekend
9:00 a.m.           Youth-Led Worship   
                              in the Sanctuary and
                          (No Worship and Wonder this
10:15 a.m.         Fellowship Time (coffee)  
                              in the Centrum
10:15 a.m.         Sunday School for Adults
                              in the Conference Room  
10:15 a.m.         Sunday School for Youth and
10:15 a.m.         Progressive Worship    
                              in Fellowship Hall     
Prayer Concerns
Reminder: Please let the church office know if you know of someone who needs a call or is in the hospital.
PRAYER FOCUS: Those affected by the Coronavirus
OSF ST. FRANCIS (Peoria): Barb Mote
AFTERCARE: Ethan Rocke
HOSPICE: Marilyn Kopp
HAPPY 90+ BIRTHDAY: Zoe Iutzi will be 100 on March 20. You are invited to send her a card at Adelaide Apartments #307, 505 N. Adelaide St., Normal, IL 61761
CURSILLO:  Jim Underhill is on the Men's #1200 March 12-15 team (postponed due to Coronavirus caution).
WEDDING: Congratulations to Kristi Bandy and Jon Deedrick on their March 7 wedding at FCC. Kristi's parents are Joe and Sue Bandy.

Serving this Sunday 

Please note:  This is current data as of Friday Email publishing date.  If you know of changes to your own duties, please continue as you have planned.   Please make sure the office is aware of changes.  Thank you!
Youth Sunday

Acolyte: Khloe Nussbaum
Building Lock-up: Bill Robitske 
Child Care: Trish Logan, Karen Crusius
Deacons for 10:15 (and 9:00 Preparation):  Pat & Jenny Lawler
Drivers: Rich Crusius, Ryan Newton
Elders: Leslie Frizzell, Bill Robitske
Visiting Elders: John Dailey, Jill West
Coffee Fellowship: Doug Reed  
Fill Candles: Deb Bomeli 
Info Desk: Pam Yerkes 
Livestreaming Tech: Dave Phillis, Ryan Newton
Sound Tech: James Nussbaum 
Video Tech: James Nussbaum

Greeters: Alexis, Evan, and Kenley Nichols; Evelyn and Given Kosier; Calen Kiesewetter; Cameron and Alex Kelley; Charleigh Henneberg; Jeremiah Hall; Khloe Nussbaum; Drew Bohlmann
Deacons: Clark Kosier, Lydia Warren, Carter Kiesewetter, Aleea Cleaver, Campbell Damery, Drew Loga, Jaci Cox, Austin Metz
Things to Do While
You Are at Church
RSVP for Thursday Food & Fellowship by indicating number attending on an attendance pad.  The group will gather at Hacienda Leon at 12:30 p.m. on March 19.  See your bulletin for details.
Bring your M&Ms Container with coins (or a check or cash) for Blanket Sunday.  These were passed out at Time for Children last week.  Money is being collected throughout March for this important ministry.  See Julie Robinson to donate or for information. 
Find a Flyer at the Info Desk listing fundraising opportunities to support this summer's Mission Trip to Appalachia.
Drop off Plastic Caps and Lids.   Disciples Women's Ministries is collecting clean plastic caps and lids of (almost) all types. The caps can be donated at the Info Desk.  See details in The Messenger.  Thank you and  keep them coming.
Drop Off Gently Used Men's Shoes, Socks, and Belts in all sizes for the Fresh Start Ministry effort benefiting men leaving Lincoln Correctional Center.  This will be a focused "Stepping Out in Love" drive for about three months.

Drop Off School Supplies and other items for school children. Reach Out is collecting supplies for Sheridan School and Bent School.  Teachers have requested a number of specific items.  Please find a detailed list of needed items at the Info Desk or in The Messenger.
Drop off your Box Tops for Education in the Disciples Women's Ministries mailbox outside the church office door.  
Greet a visitor. Greet someone another member has greeted!  Several contacts truly make a person feel welcome.  Please encourage a visitor to sign the friendship pad and include an email address.  A great resource for helping a visitor is the bulletin, and you can also walk them to the Info Desk for another warm greeting,  more information, and a welcome gift! 

"Check In" on Facebook while you are at church. 
March 13, 2020  
In This Issue
Office Hours

The church office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is closed from noon to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.   
Ministry Quick Links
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(username "blmfcc")

See the Youth Bulletin Board in the Centrum for Youth news and opportunities. 
Sunday School for Children and Youth meet this Sunday.

Pastors' Class continues meeting Sundays at 11:15 a.m. throughout Lent, with the exception of this Sunday, March 15 (Youth Sunday). The class is for those in 6th grade or older who are interested in being baptized on Easter Sunday. Meetings will take place in the Founders' Room.
Youth Sunday will be this Sunday, March 15.  Remember to come to the dress rehearsal for grades 3-12 to be held at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, March 14.

Youth Lock-In March 20-21, 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., is for grades 6-12. Cost is $10 and the deadline to sign-up with your money is this Sunday, March 15.
Brown Bag Bible Bunch meets at noon on Wednesdays.  Jim Warren leads the group, which studies the scripture for the upcoming Sunday.   Bring a lunch to the conference room and join the study.  All are welcome!
Blanket Sunday is Observed in March.
Donations can be made to FCC throughout the month of March. 
Thursday Food & Fellowship will gather at Hacienda Leon on March 19 at 12:30 p.m.  See the Reminders section to the left for RSVP instructions.

Sharing FAITH beyond the FCC walls.  Opportunities to be involved in our community...
One and All Song Lineup  

Come Like Before
You Are
How Great Are You Lord
Song of Hope
FCC Vision and Mission Statements
Vision: To be a growing church who welcomes all, grows spiritually, and serves others.
Mission: To invite and welcome all to the Lord's Table, to strengthen our spirituality with God and one another through prayer, worship, study, and fellowship, and to serve our community with compassion.

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