Worship This Weekend
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The topic of our "Overflowing" series sermon this Sunday is, "Honoring Ourselves."  Rev. Jim Warren will preach from  Matthew 22:37-39.  God has made us in God's image, and we are to be stewards of ourselves.  As we care for ourselves, God's grace overflows in our lives. Come to the 9:00 traditional or 10:15 progressive service (One and All) to hear Jim's sermon.   
The Handbell Choir will play at the 9:00 service!  Come to the 10:15 One and All progressive service if you like a live band.  Arrive a few minutes early to grab a bite to eat in Fellowship Hall as you worship!  

With our theme of, "Honoring Ourselves," we have a related exercise or opportunity in the Centrum before first service (starting about 8:30) and again around 10:00.  Artists will create a likeness of your profile with chalk on paper! 

More about the Overflowing series:
This series is based on a recently published Disciples of Christ stewardship study that looks at the many dimensions of stewardship. Our General Minister and President, Teri Hord Owens, introduces Overflowing with these words, " God's grace simply and abundantly overflows into our lives and hearts, particularly as we celebrate the great gift of Jesus' love this Easter season."

food_drive_girl.jpg Gifts for Another Table:
This month please bring non-perishable food items for St. Vincent de Paul.  Suggestions are canned fruits & vegetables, cereal, soup, crackers, cookies, Hamburger Helper, and instant mashed potatoes.
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Activities/Events at Our Church THIS Weekend


9:00 a.m.         Traditional Worship in
                        Worship and Wonder will  
                              meet directly after Time
                              for Children

10:15 a.m.       Pop Up Fellowship and
                              Discussion for adults                               
in Room 129

10:15 a.m.       Sunday School for Youth,  
                              Children, and Adults
10:15 a.m.       One and All service in  
                              Fellowship Hall  
5:00 to 6:30 p.m.   Youth Group for grades
Prayer Concerns

CARD SHOWER:   Virginia Warren
PRAYER FOCUS:   Those graduating from college

HOSPICE: Harold Goyen, Marilyn Thompson, Virginia Warren




ADVOCATE BROMENN: Helen Joyce Barclay, Jim Fry


OSF St. JOSEPH: Betty Beer, Carol Kline


AFTERCARE: Meredith Hall, Daniel Sperry




JOYS: Happy 90th Birthday to Betty Smiley on May 9th

Serving this Sunday 

Please note:  This is current data as of Friday Email publishing date.  If you know of changes to your own duties, please continue as you have planned.   Thank you!
Acolytes: Campbell Damery         
Child Care:  Trish Logan, Heather Damery
Deacons: 9:00 Dan & Amy Naughton 10:15 James & Libby Nussbaum
Jr. Deacons:  Tyler Chapman, Bryce Reed
Drivers:    Frank Lipscomb, Gary Thompson 
Elders:    John Hensley, Susan Cleaver
Homebound Elders:  Al & Beverly Leight
Fellowship Host:  Nancy Guither
Fill Candles:  Kathie Chapman
Greeters:  Jim & Carolyn Hepperly, Ron & Nancy Gramley
Information Center:   Pete Whitmer     
Scripture:  Kathy Smalley                  
Time for Children:  Matt Chapman                
Sound Tech: Dave Phillis                                   
Video Tech:  Chip Jamerson 
Worship & Wonder Greeter:   Jessica Davis
Pulpit:  Jim Warren - Matthew 22:37-39  "Overflowing:  Honoring Ourselves."  God has made us in God's image, and we are to be stewards of ourselves.  As we care for ourselves, God's grace overflows in our lives.
Things to Do While
You Are at Church

Sign up to bake for the May 12 Block Party Bake Sale.  Guidelines and signup at the Information Center.

Sign up at the Information Center to be a VBS volunteer.  You may also talk to Holly Irvin if you are interested in the opportunity.

Support the 2018 Block Party 4 School Kits
by signing up and getting details at the Information Center.

If you are interested in attending the Wednesday Supper Club on May 16 at 5:30 p.m. at Vicki Hall's home, please note the number attending on an attendance pad, or contact the FCC office before noon, Monday, May 14.  See your bulletin or The Messenger for more information. 

Check In on Facebook while you are at church.  And at the One and All service feel free to use your device for social media, to share photos and thoughts about your worship experience as it happens.  

Make a new friend!  Greet a visitor. We are seeing more and more visitors lately and they seem to love a friendly greeting.  Show folks around and help them with questions they might have.  Invite them to worship and/or to share fellowship over a cup of coffee or breakfast treat.  The bulletin is a great source of information for visitors, as is the Information Center.  Let's be a welcoming church!   
May 4, 2018 
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See the Youth Bulletin Board in the Centrum for Camp and VBS schedules.

Children and Youth Sunday School will meet this Sunday. 

Youth Group will meet Sunday for grades K-12 from 5:00 to 6:30, beginning with a meal. 

Events coming up for all grades:
  • May 20 Cookout at Maxwell Park
  • July 22-28 Mission Trip to St. Louis
Click here to see our 
Brown Bag Bible Bunch meets at noon on Wednesdays. The group is studying II John.  Bring a lunch to the conference room and join the study!  All are welcome!

For those attending Saturday's Disciples Women's Ministries Spring Brunch: Please try to arrive by 9:20 to have time to check in, get your name tag, and find your table. Please tell your guests.

This Sunday, May 6, at 10:15 a.m. come to a Pop Up Fellowship and Discussion in Room 129 next to Worship and Wonder.
Come watch a thought provoking video about how God teaches us to weather the storms of life. Join us for fellowship and fodder for the mind, body and soul.
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13.  We will not only be honoring our Mothers but also honoring our children and our future. In addition to submitting pictures of mothers to be used in worship, please submit pictures of the children in your life (daughters, sons, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc.) to be used in the Centrum that morning to share with our church family. Pictures can be sent to the church office electronically or delivered by hand to be scanned. The deadline to submit pictures is May 6. 

Sharing FAITH beyond the FCC walls.  Opportunities to be involved in our community...

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