Last weekend, Pastor Tim and Pastor Marsha participated in Synod Assembly. There, Bishop Tim Smith shared his report on the NC Synod. Take a moment to read a recap of Bishop Tim's remarks.  

Bishop Tim Smith began his remarks to the gathered assembly on Friday afternoon with an expression of thanksgiving and personal privilege. "A lot has changed personally in the last three years. I went from having no grandbabies and a momma and a dad to having three grandbabies and no mom and dad. I want to say thank you to you on a personal level. I certainly felt-and feel-a lot of support for the crazy work of grief...I have had the privilege of being with you all and a lot of people sharing different things that they've been through and I really appreciate y'all sharing so much with us."
Promising to speak more about the new vision at a later time in the agenda (read about the new vision here), the bishop said that he believes the church is being called to find ways to be more nimble...and more innovative. A churchwide initiative called "Holy Innovations" is one way that is happening across the church and in our own synod. For instance in looking at parish models, we're looking again at yoking congregations for sharing pastors, part-time pastors, and certification for lay preachers. The grant for our synod is $62,000 and we're moving forward with these innovations and more to see what we can learn.
Stewardship for All Seasons is another piece of Holy Innovations and we have 20 congregations taking advantage of this program this year. Congregations have had really good results using this-including a $45,000 increase in annual giving in one congregation; and $100,000 in another.
Additonally, Bishop Smith mentioned the landscape of the synod. Two years ago there were no pastors under 30 in the synod.  Click here to continue reading or click here to watch Bishop Smith's report on YouTube.
Sunday's Readings
Psalm 138
Matthew 7:7-9 

Summer Worship Schedule Continues This Sunday - Worship at 8:15 am, 9:45 am and 5:30 pm. Our six-week summer worship series continues, highlighting the third chapter from Rowan Williams' short but insightful book, Being Disciples: Essentials for the Christian Life. Read more about this summer's topics and resources.

This Sunday, we give thanks for our baptism with those who were baptized in June.

Thanks to your generosity, $1,382.93 was raised to support the orphans of Mnene Parish, Zimbabwe  through the Penny Wars! 

Memory Café -  Monday, June 11, 4:30 - 6:00 pm in Fellowship Hall  Individuals experiencing dementia and their caregivers who wish to socialize with others in similar circumstances while enjoying an evening out are invited to join us for Memory Café. Contact for more information.

Good Shepherd celebrates 15 years of ministry with Family Promise this year! And, to celebrate, we are inviting you to become one of 15 new volunteers to serve June 17-24 when we will be hosting families at our church. Opportunities are available for groups and families to serve, or you can sign up by yourself. Learn more and sign up to serve , password: homeless.

More information about upcoming events is available in  this week's bulletin announcements .

Health and Healing  for  Millie Marietta, sister-in-law of Cheryl Kruse; Rebekah Poston and Roberta Forrest, sisters of Sam Poston; Sonya Frantz; Matt Aremia, brother-in-law of Diane Bowker; and Dara Demi .

Christian sympathy to the family and friends of Wayne Etzel, brother of Elaine Sardi.

For the Orphans of Mnene Parish , including Sheunesu Ndlovu and Aleck Mpofu Moyo .

Sheunesu, 19, is taking Form 4 classes at Mnene Boarding School. He needs a birth certificate before he can take his "O" level exams this summer. Mnene committee staff are working with him to secure this paperwork. His Mail For Mnene partners are Cheryl and Ed Johnson and Jarrod Betts and family.
Aleck, 19, is taking Form 4 classes at Msume Boarding School. He had become discouraged and struggled in school, with the very long walk to a rural school. Attending boarding school is encouraging to him, and he is doing better work in school. There are other GSLC orphans at Msume so he has a familiar community of friends.  His Mail For Mnene partner is Kathy and John Hrivnak.

Visit the Wittenberg Information Center in the Narthex for photos of this week's orphans and  more information on the Mnene Ministry.

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