Dear friends,
This Sunday, arrive early to either morning service to get a front row seat for Summerfest - Good Shepherd's annual musical put on by our Crosswalk Kids ministry. The kids as well as the many teen and adult volunteers have been working hard since Sunday, coming in each evening to sing and act as well as design props, sets, costumes. The energy in the church has been palpable as the thespians prepare for The Not-So-Terrible Parable, a Clue-esque mystery set in 1939 roughly based on Jesus' parable of Good Samaritan. Having caught a few scenes and musical numbers myself, I highly recommend bringing friends, grandchildren, and grandparents on Sunday because this show has something for everyone. And did I mention, The-Not-So-Terrible Parable may or may not be the debut of a certain new Associate Pastor?? That same Associate Pastor will also be at the 5:30 pm Peace service with Eucharist. 

Cast and crew, thank you for all your hard work this week and for sharing your gifts through this important ministry. We are proud of all of you and can't wait until Sunday morning. Do your best, sing strong, and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Cast: Olivia Brenton, Sienna Brenton, Eliza Carter, Raylee Crawford, Ariana Crews, Bennett Durham, Evan Eaton, Violet Eaton, Lexi Erbst, Maxwell Friberg, Spencer Friberg, Caroline Gephart, Ellie Grant, Erin Haugland, Helena Henshaw, Alex Hopwood, Sam Hopwood, Liza Kubovcik, Samuel Kubovcik, Alexa Levine, Avery Levine, Jenna Lewis, Lauren Macemore, Katie McMillan, Dylan Meese, Annabell Moore, Andrew Nunalee, Adele O'Hara, Lilah O'Hara, Elizabeth Ramirez, Berkeley Rasmussen, Ellie Sebastian, Mia Shoun, Josie Slifer, Sophia Valente, Adeline Wolfe, Nick Worrell, Sydney Worrell, Banks Young, Campbell Young
Crew: Abe Alford, Angela Alford, Jarod Betts, Vanessa Carter, Joshua Cash, Julia Cooper, Sarah Cooper, Karen Crews, Addison Crookenden, Erin Darnell, Trevor Darnell, Emma Dellinger, Dara Demi, Laura Eaton, Jennifer Erbst, Valya Grant, Christine Gonyier, Jenn Haugland, Dani Hopwood, Rich Houze, Mason Kaiser, Charlotte Kyer, Holly Kobovcik, Geof Levine, Josh Lewis, Suzanne Lewis, Renée Lombardi, Shirley Lombardi, Andrew Macemore, Natalie Macemore, Barb Newcomer, Michelle Nunalee, Jenny O'Brien, Cate O'Brien, Rachel Oates, Katy Peachey, Courtney Pernell, Gail Phillips, Maria Schelfe, Kaley Sloman, Zoe Spencer, Kim Sweet, Johanna Taylor, Josh Thome, Alex Trimmer, Brennan Trimmer, Camden Trimmer, Jessica Trimmer, Christina Valente, Isabella Valente, Kylee Waller, Sami Waller, Claire Young
Special Guests: Pastor Marsha Anderson, Pastor Tim Brown, Andrew Buck, Ken Newcomer

This Sunday's Readings
Matthew 14:22-33

Summerfest: A Not So Terrible Parable - 8:15 am and 9:45 am worship services. Get ready to learn and laugh during this theatrical twist on The Parable of the Good Samaritan by the children of Good Shepherd at both morning services.

Worship with Communion at 5:30 pm.

Summer: The Green Season Bring in flowers from your garden to decorate the Sanctuary each Sunday this summer. Vases will be available in the Narthex.
Pastor Marsha Anderson has joined the Good Shepherd staff as our Associate Pastor! Stop by the office anytime to welcome her. 

Parking Lot Maintenance The church parking lot will be sealed and striped on Friday and Saturday, August 18 and 19. There will be no access to the parking lot until Sunday, August 20.

Bluegrass Worship - Sundays starting August 20 through September 3.

Christmas in August - Sunday, August 20. As we celebrate Christmas in August, the congregation is encouraged to participate in a food drive to benefit Backpack Buddies for food-insecure children in our schools. The following items are needed: fruit cups (individual servings); 15 oz green beans, corn, or mac & cheese with meat sauce; 7.5 oz cans of tuna fish or chicken; single serving portions of grits or oatmeal; and zip-lock sandwich bags.

Worship & Wonder Training - Sunday, August 20, 11:15 am - 12:30 pm in E-12. We are looking for adults and high school youth to be greeters, worship leaders and storytellers in our Sunday School for 3 year olds through 3rd graders. Time commitments are flexible and based on your availability! Contact Ms. Barb Newcomer with questions.

Dinner for Eight sign up time is here. Deadline is August 30. More information is available on the Wittenberg Wall or in the Dinner for Eight Group on The City.

Rally/Raleigh Day - Sunday, September 10. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and congregations throughout the ELCA, will get to work serving God's people with our hands on September 10. With projects at Good Shepherd and out in the community on Sunday (and even some Saturday projects this year), there are opportunities for everyone to serve. Learn more & sign up online.

More information about upcoming events is available in this week's  bulletin announcements .
The Summer edition of The Shepherd's Voice newsletter is now available online.

Health and healing  for Sarah Brake; Ian Bingham & family, friends of Helfrich family; Taylor Weber, granddaughter of Carol Weber; Dick Bader, brother of Lois Walker; Terence Deigman, friend of Cheryl Kruse; Marie Anctil; Cathy Crane; Beth Stiles; and Dale Brazil, father of Lila Thome.

For the Orphans of Mnene Parish , including Sheunesu Ndlovu and Aleck Mpofu Moyo.

Sheunesu, 18, is in Form 3 at Mnene Boarding School. He is tall now, has a deep voice and enjoys singing in the choir. Once very shy, he has grown in self-confidence and self-expression. He engaged easily with Good Shepherd travelers during their recent visit. His Mail For Mnene partners are Ed & Cheryl Johnson and Jarod Betts & family.

Aleck will soon be 19 and is taking Form 3 classes at Musume Boarding School. He had become discouraged with the very long walk and struggles in a rural school. He is encouraged that attending boarding school will make a positive impact on his education and outlook, as it has with so many of our orphans. With six other GSLC orphans attending this school, he will have a familiar community of friends. 
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