Greetings Disciples,

This Sunday is one of my favorites!

We'll be lifting up education in worship this week: our God-given ability (and right?) to learn, grow, and teach one another.

The possibility of a good and accessible education is a mark of a good and well-ordered society, in my view. This is why I'd be willing to pay for other's education even if I didn't have children: a bright and learned society helps everyone in the end.
Primarily, though, I think Christians should view education not only as a means to personal improvement, but more so as a means to using God-given gifts to better the world and solve big problems facing humanity in these days. And that, Beloved, is directly related to Jesus' call for us to love our neighbor as ourselves. How we channel our education to better the world is an act of love, and for the Christian, an act of devotion to the God who is love.

The poignant and prolific pastor William Sloane Coffin put it like this:
No sermon on love can fail to mention love's most difficult problem in our time-how to find effective ways to alleviate the massive suffering of humanity at home and abroad. What we need to realize is that to love effectively we must act collectively, and that in collective action personal relationships cannot ignore power relationships. Until Christians learn this truth of a technological, complex world, we shall be in this world as lap dogs trying to keep up with the wolf pack.

In this way, a good education can lead us to love the world and serve God in this world. This is most certainly true.

So this Sunday, we'll celebrate in word, in song, and even by wearing our high school or college alma mater! We'll bless backpacks and briefcases (and if you have a Kindergartner, stay after worship for a special Milestone Blessing and to receive a tag). We'll share coffee and conversation and send our graduates on their way rejoicing.

See you in church,

P.S. Don't forget to mark your calendars for Summerfest on the 13th, our Bluegrass Worship beginning on the 20th with Christmas in August, and that we'll be welcoming our new Associate Pastor Marsha Anderson starting August 7th!
This Sunday's Readings
Psalm 15 
Romans 9:1-5
Matthew 14:13-21

Education Sunday is This Sunday. We will honor graduates and bless backpacks at morning worship services. Be sure to wear your alma mater or school colors! 

S ummer: The Green Season Bring in flowers from your garden to decorate the Sanctuary each Sunday this summer. Vases will be available in the Narthex.

We are excited that Pastor Marsha Anderson will be joining the Good Shepherd staff on Monday, August 7 as our Associate Pastor! Stop by the office anytime to welcome her. 

Thank you for your support of the Food Drive sponsored by Senior Adult Ministry (SAM)!  North Raleigh Ministries was thankful for this significant gift for the families that they serve.

Summerfest: A Not So Terrible Parable - Sunday, August 13 at 8:15 am and 9:45 am worship services.  Get ready to learn and laugh during this theatrical twist on The Parable of the Good Samaritan by the children of Good Shepherd at both morning services.  Worship with Communion at 5:30 pm.

Bluegrass Worship - Sundays starting August 20 through September 3. 

Christmas in August - Sunday, August 20. As we celebrate Christmas in August, the congregation is encouraged to participate in a food drive to benefit Backpack Buddies for food-insecure children in our schools. The following items are needed: f ruit cups (individual servings); 15 oz g reen beans, corn, or mac & cheese with meat sauce; 7.5 oz cans of tuna fish or chicken; single serving portions of grits or oatmeal; and zip-lock sandwich bags.

Dinner for Eight sign up time is here.  Deadline is August 30.  More information is available on the Wittenberg Wall or in the
Dinner for Eight Group on The City.

We are excited to introduce Crosswalk Kids, replacing Good Shepherd's kids groups of the past: Little Shepherds, Serving Our Savior (SOS), True Believers' Friendship Club (TBFC), and Kids on Fire. Crosswalk Kids recognizes and calls out that Children's Ministry is truly a path of community building and faith formation with age-specific stepping stones along the way. If you are a family with a 3 year old through 5th grader, join the Crosswalk Kids group on The City for all the latest information.

More information about upcoming events is available in this week's bulletin announcements.
The Summer edition of The Shepherd's Voice newsletter is now available online.

Health and healing  for Terence Deigman, friend of Cheryl Kruse; Marie Anctil; Cathy Crane; Beth Stiles; Dale Brazil, father of Lila Thome; Steve Gross, cousin of Cheryl Kruse; Pastor MacPherson, friend of Lyn Nelson; Dick Bader; Valerie Alfisi; and Dave Schwab and Dave Wuest, friends of Thome family.

Thanksgiving  for this Sunday's the baptism of Finley David McLoughlin; and the birth of Mina, daughter of Matt and Amanda LaBrecque .

Sympathy for Mike Stroud and family on the death of his wife, Nancy.  

For the Orphans of Mnene Parish , includingTania Moyo and Godfree Hove.
Tania, 21, is a young mother. Her son Talent is 9 months old. He is very alert and engages readily with others. Tania is currently staying with her Grannie. She desires to resume her Hairdressing Attachment and complete the course, which she had been enjoying and doing very well in.  Her Mail For Mnene partners are the Agather family and Jim and Cindy Davis.
Godfree, 16, was attending Mnene Primary School in 2015 and passed Grade 7 well, which meant he was ready to attend Secondary School. He is now living with relatives, away from Mnene. The Mnene staff are trying to connect with them to learn if Godfree is attending school. He is currently not active in the GSLC program but we continue to keep him in our prayers.  His Mail For Mnene partners are Anthony & Angela Alford & family.

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