Happy Himmelfahrt

Happy Himmelfahrt, Beloved!

Yes, read that title out loud and laugh like the school-aged child inside you wants you to.

Himmelfahrt is two things. Secondarily it is the title of the third full album released by the German industrial metal band, Megaherz. I do not suggest you look them up.

But, primarily, Himmelfahrt is German for "Ascension," the feast day the church honors on the last Thursday of Easter, leaning into the culmination of Eastertide.

In Norwegian it's the even more fun Himmelfartsdag...but I digress...

You may wonder why Jesus would even leave at all after being resurrected, right?  Read more.

Sunday's Readings
Acts 16:16-34
Psalm 97
 Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21
 John 17:20-26

Join us for worship at 8:15 am, 9:45 am or 5:30 pm. 

Spend an Evening with GSLC Coffeehouse - Friday, May 31, 7:00-8:30 pm   This ministry offers live music, refreshments, and fellowship to adults of all abilities. 25 adult and youth helpers are needed to assist with set-up, serving, and clean-up for approximately 200 guests. A great volunteer activity for families, too!  Contact coffeehouse@gslchurch.org for more information.

Young Adults of Good Shepherd - Fellowship Gathering - Tuesday, June 4, 5:30-8:00 pm, Lafayette Village All those in their 20s and 30s are invited, and children are welcome! We will be in the grassy courtyard area, so drop by at any time. Grab food and beverages, or just come and enjoy the company. We will meet the 1st Tuesday of each month through August! 

Wear Red for Pentecost - Next Sunday, June 9 -  Don't have red in your closet? Wear any fire color to remember the gifts of the tongues of fire which the Holy Spirit poured upon the disciples.

Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) Sunday - Next Sunday, June 9, 9:45 am Worship Service - Join us as our 14 confirmands reaffirm their faith and we reaffirm the promises made at our baptism.

Free Camp Day for Rising Kindergartners - 6th Graders - Saturday, June 8, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm   Join us for a ONE DAY camp experience at Good Shepherd. This day is offered FREE by Agape + Kure Beach Ministries and is led entirely by their camp counselors. Music, arts and crafts, games, nature time and Bible discovery time - plus the great love and contagious enthusiasm that the counselors have for sharing the faith - are all included! Register here .   Share this with your friends; you do NOT have to be a member of Good Shepherd to attend!

More information about upcoming events is available in   this week's bulletin announcements.  

Health and Healing  for Thomas Sawyer and his family; Geof Levine; Tim Hoyle, Sr.; and Amelie Leng.

Thanksgiving for  for all those attending the Synod Assembly this weekend, including Jill & Kevin Brimhall and Royall & Joyce Yount. 

Safekeeping for Paul and Gail Phillips while they travel.

For the Orphans of Mnene Parish , including Chipochashe Mpofu and Likwa Mpofu.

Chipo, always smiling, is 26.  During her 9 years in our support program she gained confidence and worked hard in school. She was enrolled in Hairdressing classes but left vocational school in 2014.  She is married and has 3 small children. In 2017 she expressed to our mission team that she would someday wish to return to complete her course in Hairdressing.  We continue to hold her in our prayers.  Her Mail For Mnene partner is the Sloop family.
Likwa is 20 years old.  He is currently enrolled at EMMB Africa, taking classes to become an excavator operator.  We have not received confirmation but assume that this school is in Zimbabwe, even though it has the word "Africa" in the title.  His health has improved since he joined our support program in 2006, where he and his 2 brothers were found scavenging for food outside the Mnene hospital.  His Mail For Mnene partners are Mac and Suzanne Lewis's family & the Rusincovitch family.
Visit the Wittenberg Information Center in the Narthex for photos of this week's orphans and  more information on the Mnene Ministry.

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